I’m So Excited

Because I can’t say that phrase without thinking of this:

Yesterday saw my largest amount of viewers yet, clocking in at 169!  Thanks for everyone who visited my blog yesterday!

This week has been going by entirely too slow.  Two more days until our move in day!!  I can’t wait!  The move in process will be slow since hubby will be working regular hours all week.  I’ll start moving smaller boxes and we’ll get the bed and larger items with a moving truck on Friday or Saturday.

Hubby has reconfirmed that the budget is a good idea.  He also brought up that he doesn’t need to be spending much on food since he does pay to have 3 meals on his ship.  I eat like a bird and could probably live off $50 a week or less.  As long as I can start cooking meals, we should be able to skim the $400 I have budgeted for groceries to be closer to $200.  I really really really really  can’t wait to move!  Looks like May will be the time to start our budget and attempt to use cash for grocery purchases!  There’s a Farm Fresh across the street from our apartment complex and hubby gets a 10% off military discount.  I should have asked if a spouse is qualified for that too otherwise I’ll have to drag hubby along to all the shopping trips!

After scheduling our internet to be turned on at the new apartment, I noticed the rate has increased by $2.60.  I can’t complain too much because I’m still paying about $30 less than the normal price, just for asking!

Progressive was charging me a $5 installment fee with my monthly car insurance payment, because I chose to pay monthly instead of paying off the entire sum ahead of time.  They offered a $5 discount if I signed up for electronic funds transfer.  I know $5 isn’t much and I’d save a lot more if I paid the entire years worth of insurance at one time but seeing as the internet rate increased, I’ll take this $5 reduction!


Unfortunately, it appears my 18 year old car is having some issues and I suspect the transmission is going.  It’s been jumping forward when we accelerate or slow down.  It’s done this in the past and it was usually around the time it needed an oil change and corrected itself afterwards.  We got our oil change two weeks ago but the jumping seems to have gotten worse.  I plan on taking it in tomorrow to get an estimate but if it’s more than $500, we’re going to have to look in to financing a new/used car.  Transmissions are usually pretty pricey, so I’m definitely worried.  We’ll probably have to put the savings I budgeted for paying off the credit card towards a monthly car payment.  It sucks.  We both would rather pay cash for a car but we only have $15 in our savings account.  I’m hoping it’s some minor fix that will keep my rustmobile running for a few more months so we can save for that car.

On the other hand, it would be nice to have a newer used car with better gas mileage since we are moving about 10 miles away from base.  Hubby could drive the new/used car and I could drive my rustmobile into the ground for errands and appointments.  Meh, but the interest we’d wind up paying on both the credit card and the auto loan makes me cringe.

What would you do in my situation?


6 thoughts on “I’m So Excited

  1. OMG that is my favorite favorite all time favorite clip from Saved by the Bell! LOL. Congats on getting so many views 🙂 That’s awesome your husband is on board with the budget and that you are moving to a new place. Sucks about your car 😦 Do you absolutely need a car where you live? If the answer is no, I would build up savings first and try to hack it for a few months without a car. If the answer is yes, I would be buy a “cheap” used car for 3-4k.

    • Thanks! I could probably get by without a car, but my husband couldn’t. He needs a car to drop off and pick up supplies at work and sometimes has to go to different bases for training. There also isn’t a direct bus line to base from our new apartment and he is highly opposed to either of us riding the bus. He doesn’t think it’s safe.

  2. I am so pleased to notice your happy mood! Stay there, sweet woman. My husband began to go on all shopping trips whenI could no longer drive ( some medications for trigeminal neuralgia made it impossible) at first it made me very edgy– he’d wonder why I bought certain things and not others– hey! 30 years or so of trying-out leaves me very sure of what I want and what I don ‘t.
    It got him right where he needed to be with our budget, when he saw how much little extras add to the total. He can still go a bit cuckoo when he shops by himself as he had to do with my 2 recent surgeries. I only clenched my teeth once though–when he came back with a useless wood floor cleaner I had tried a 100 years ago!
    I can’t see you going without a car. This is just a part of living unless you ever luck out living somewhere like Seattle or New York…he also has had to do the Spring clean- up off our big yard and for the first time EVER he is interested in gardening!

    So we are happy bugs right now, too. My very, very best wishes to you both for a loving happy year.

    • Thank you Erika! Glad your husband found interest in gardening! I wish we could have one. I’m thinking about trying to grow some herbs indoors at our new apartment but I have a feeling the kitties are going to mess that up. 🙂 Happy year to you and yours as well!

  3. I would definitely avoid buying anything new. You’ll eat a huge chunk of depreciation. There are many smaller cars with 30+ MPG for 6k or less. I would look hard on Craigslist and buy something well under Kelley Blue Book value (KBB). Email me if you have any questions. I’ve bought and sold a dozen vehicles that last 5 years and profited on all of them.

    • Thanks! I live near the largest Naval base and I see a lot of military folks selling their belongings, sometimes almost new washer/dryers or couches for very cheap or even free before they move/go on deployment. I’m hoping it would be the same for cars. That would be a good way to make a profit! We definitely plan on buying used. We were hoping to save up money to purchase a car with cash, probably from Craigslist but if the transmission completely goes on my car, we’d be forced to finance a used vehicle.

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