One week until we move!  I can’t wait!  I really hope this week goes by fast!

Hubby left for his short underway today.  Good news folks, he’s on board with the budget!  We really didn’t talk about it much but he at least acknowledged that it sounded like a good plan.  I figure May will be a good time to start.  We’ll get settled at the new apartment and monthly payments will become somewhat regular again!  Can’t wait!


We made some splurges this week.  My mouse is starting to die so I picked out a mouse with blue-track technology.  I’ve never used it before but it’s supposed to be easier to use on multiple surfaces as compared to optical mice.

Source: Amazon

We also ordered two washable keyboards.  I always have an issue with my fingernails scratching off the lettering on several of the keys.  I don’t have long fingernails-I honestly believe it has something to do with being so damn short and the angle at which my hands meet the keyboard.  My keyboard worked fine, it just had blank L, K, M, N, B, C and D keys.  I use home row and had no issues (except I’ve been typing a lot of “l” when I mean to say “k”) but hubby found this washable keyboard and wanted to test it out.  Since this new keyboard is washable, the lettering shouldn’t wear off as easily.  At least that’s what we hope!  My husband liked the one we got for me so much that he wanted one for himself!

I updated my Amazon wish list and added some bedding sets that I liked.  How wonderful it would be to own bedding that actually fit our queen mattress.  I have a twin sized comforter, a full sized comforter and a bunch of throws that we use.  I later noticed a new Groupon email in my inbox that happened to be for up to 72% off of a seven-piece bedding set.  I have never purchased anything from Groupon before but I got some reassurance through friends and family on Facebook.  I wasn’t too particularly thrilled with the styles they had to choose from and wasn’t actually planning on purchasing this deal.  Hubby came by my computer and I asked him if he liked any of the styles.  He told me to get the Chestwood!  Yay!  Was it necessary?  No.  But it’ll look nice in our new apartment!

I estimated we would spend about $200 in miscellaneous expenses before hubby’s next pay day (this Friday). We spent about $160 on all that stuff, with free shipping, so it’s not so bad.  He’ll be gone most of this week and will have duty the day he gets back so I’m not expecting any other random purchases.


Unfortunately, I think the transmission on my car might be going.  It’s a 1995 with over 195,000 miles.  For the past few weeks it’s been jerking forward when we accelerate or sometimes when you come to a stop it’ll jump forward.  I noticed today that it was revving pretty high when I was on the expressway.  I guess saving for a new car will be our #1 priority now, especially since we’re moving further away from base.  Hopefully my rustmobile lasts another couple months so we can save for a new/used car.  We really don’t want to finance one.


It seems, no matter how much sleep I get, I’m always extremely tired.  My eyes feel itchy and burn for more sleep.  My left eyelid has been twitchy lately.  I am wondering if I’m developing allergies?  I was warned when I first moved to the east coast that if I didn’t have allergies, I soon would!  Maybe I spend too much time at my computer, reading all these awesome personal finance blogs I follow?  Thanks for the recent mentions Debt Roundup and Do or Debt!

I had my first vestibular physical therapy session today.  My BPPV has pretty much gone away on its own but they did some additional balance and sensory analysis tests on me.  When it comes to balance you basically rely on your feet, your eyes and your inner ear.  I am above normal when it comes to using my feet and eyes to balance but my inner ears are about half way below the normal range.  I was given some simple exercises to do this week.  This physical therapy is an 8 week course that will hopefully help my inner ear regain its function and bring my balance back to where it was pre-September, when the balance and dizziness issues arose.


5 thoughts on “Hodgepodge

  1. I’ve never heard of washable keyboards, though the thought sounds intriguing. I am facing a similar issue as I have lost the a, c,e,d & s keys which are now blank. It did not make much sense to me as I don’t believe I scratch them so who knows?

    • Washable keyboards have been around for a number of years but they were always flimsy and rubbery ones. I am really liking the new keyboard and hope the lettering outlasts all my previous keyboards! I haven’t needed to wash it yet but it’ll definitely be interesting once that time comes!

  2. I just got that keyboard to replace my latop’s now problematic one. So far, so good. But it is much lower than the one I was used to and highlighted bad typing form. That caused some hand pain that has taken a couple of weeks to banish. So keep an eye on how you hold your wrists. Still like the keyboard though.

  3. Ugh, allergies. Hopefully they’re not, but if they are allergies, you’ll get used to them (reluctantly). I get incredibly itchy (sometimes weepy, puffy) eyes when the seasons change and sinus issues basically year round.

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