I’ve Done It

I’ve gone and messed up my sleeping schedule.  I took a dose of my new medication that is supposed to help with my imbalance/dizziness episodes.  Holy crap that stuff makes me sleepy!  I slept for about 12 hours and then after breakfast I was still feeling groggy and wound up taking a four hour nap!  I love sleep so I’m not exactly complaining.

It’s about midnight that I’m typing this up and I’m just eating my dinner.  I’ll probably make it to bed around the time my husband needs to get up for work.  Oh well!  I figure we’ll be moving in about 9 days and after getting unpacked and organized in a clean environment (can’t wait! ), I can focus more on my resolution of creating a daily routine and sleep schedule.


What I’ve really gone and done is created a budget without my husband.  It’s been almost a month since he came to me with the suggestion of having an emergency fund.  I keep bringing up a budget every few days and all he does is get quiet.  Of course I can’t really stick to a budget without him.  I wanted to plan out the budget together, with my husband’s input on what he thinks is a reasonable amount to spend each month on his computer games, energy drinks and groceries.  But since I’m the only one that really looks at our finances and he’s always the one asking me how much we have, he’ll probably just be on board with whatever budget system I create.  At least that’s what I’m hoping.  I sent him an email this time with the budget I’d like to try out and hopefully he’ll actually want to sit down and talk about it sometime before his (short) underway next week.

We basically live paycheck to paycheck right now and our rent is going to increase by about $400 after the move.  Our largest expense, next to rent, is our grocery spending.  We average close to $600 in addition to the $300ish meal deduction that gets taken out of hubby’s pay every month for eating on his ship.  The grocery spending also includes random household stuff like cleaning supplies, toiletries, pet supplies, etc.  My husband makes a lot of random Navy Exchange and Rite Aid purchases for energy drinks that are regularly $2.99 a can.  Those purchases can really add up.

I budgeted $400 for groceries/household items, $100 for hubby’s energy drinks and $35 for pet expenses as a starting point and I’m hoping to cut the grocery budget down even further after we get settled in at the new apartment (really excited! ).  I’m worried that $100 is not going to be enough for hubby’s energy drinks.  It averages to be just slightly over one each day of the month.  Maybe I can convince him to drink more juice or even water?

I want to do a cash envelope type of system for groceries, drinks, pet expenses, car maintenance, and each of our own personal expenses.  I will immediately pay all bills that are due during each pay period so that money will be gone/taken care of.  Then I will transfer to my own personal bank account money to pay for prescriptions and co-payments, the California credit card and renters insurance (it’s a quarterly bill).  After our debts (his loan, our credit card) are paid off in a few months, any savings we can expect to make during the month will immediately be put into our savings account.  What’s left in our joint account will be used to pay for gas ($150) and hubby’s computer games ($100).

It’s with his computer games and energy drinks that I have a feeling he’ll have a hard time sticking to a budget.  He’ll have only cash to pay for the energy drinks but I’m worried he’ll dip into the gas funds for game purchases.  Right now we only spend about $90 on gas.  We’ll be moving further away but it’s a lot of highway driving so I don’t expect too significant of an increase.  Because we share one car, I am going to work on planning all my doctors appointments and errand running on Thursdays around zumba.  That way I’ll stay in the general vicinity of the base and hopefully save some gas.

So that’s the plan and I can’t stick to it without the hubby’s approval.  He has duty today but Sunday I am going to do my best to get him to talk about money and maybe I can get him to finally do his taxes too!


5 thoughts on “I’ve Done It

  1. I would have talked of your honest and moving account of your medical life before but was in hospital for 5 days = a bad gastroenteritis attack. Inam home now and quite recovered. I had sickness as a child, also life threatening but not in such an appalling way (TB 2 years in hospital and some time in an iron lung) you are very brave.

    Your husband is supportive and obviously very lovable but he is going to have to cut out those ridiculous energy drinks = a complete waste of money. Maybe you can get him to read about them on the Internet? Also he is an adult–computer games? He isn’t on board with you yet; ha! A shipping expression…

    The very best of luck– keep at it and hope for his cooperation, you sweet woman.

    • Aw, sorry to hear about your own medical problems. Glad you’re back home and recovered now! I do love my husband and I nag him often about his energy drink consumption. I got him to cut down on Mountain Dew and I try to get him to drink water since it’s free but he prefers his energy drinks. I think I’m going to try to stock up on juice and buy him some tea, it’s cheaper and healthier and he likes it. And yes, he likes his mmorpg games and spends at least $100 a month on them. We all have our hobbies, right? I’m hoping he’ll maybe realize he could cut back on game time during his deployment next year. It’d be nice to spend more quality time with him.

    • Oops hit submit before I was ready. My brother in law who is helping me redo my house loves energy drinks and so I bought a few cases at Sam’s club for $36 or so for 24 I think. Walmart sells them in balk as well for slightly more. Even if he drank 2 a day You could keep the price under $100 as long as he stops buying that at gas stations and other expensive places. Buying in bulk is the way to go!

      • Thanks! I’ll have to check out Walmart’s prices for a 24 pack or maybe even order them online since we get free shipping with Amazon Prime (I accidentally forgot to cancel the subscription after the one month trial was up).

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