More Than We Bargained For

On Tuesday I viewed an apartment that I absolutely loved.  They only had two 1 bedroom units available. The lady at the apartment complex warned me it’s first come first serve and they’d probably go fast.

After work on Tuesday and Wednesday hubby was too tired, even to fill out the application paperwork for me to take in by myself.  He got off work early Thursday and we went into the leasing office immediately afterwards.  Sadly, both units were already gone on Wednesday morning!

So what do we do?

Hubby seemed to really like the apartment complex.  This man, who said he would be happy living in a hole as long as he had internet, was fond of this place!  Enough to want to spend even a little more to live there?


The next least expensive unit was a two bedroom, 1.5 bath apartment for $1065.  After pet rent and renting a washer/dryer, we’ll pay $1145.  With electric and internet, we’ll be paying $1200-1300.  That’s still less than what BAH is for but it’s a significant increase in what we’re paying now.  Womp womp.

This may not be the most financially sound move, but I honestly believe it will pay off (with my sanity) in the long run.  This place has real “home” potential and having a clean and functioning environment will help me be more productive, healthy and happy!  Having a clean and sanitary kitchen will motivate me to eat/cook healthier and I’ll be able to cook meals with more than just a microwave!   The apartment complex has a 24 hour fitness center and the entire complex is on 55, 57, or 59 acres (bad memory) of land and feels safe enough that I could go for walks or runs!  Hello motivation!

Hubby’s debt will be paid off in May and his current monthly payments will just about make up the difference in the increased rent.  Hopefully cooking at home and cutting down on take-out and microwaveable crap will help us save some money too.

We submitted the application yesterday and already received a call this morning that we were approved with the minimum $250 security deposit…which means our credit isn’t that bad!  Hooray!  Our move-in date is April 15th.  Can’t wait!

This apartment will be huge compared to what we’re used to.  If any of my friends or family want to come visit, we’ll have room!  Just give us some time to acquire a guest bed and a couch!

I’m going to begin applying for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) after we move.  I’ve had many fellow cancer survivor friends tell me I should try to get on SSI for years and my Otolaryngologist also suggested it after going over my audiology and balance tests.  That would help tremendously!


10 thoughts on “More Than We Bargained For

  1. Congrats on your new home, that’s very exciting! I believe it’s important to be able to live in a place you can consider a home and it sounds like this fits the bill! Applying for SSI sounds like a good idea too. I know when I started getting organized and filing for different programs I’m eligible for, I started saving a lot of money! 🙂

    • It is exciting! I can’t wait to move! I’m really going to kick myself for not applying for SSI nearly 10 years ago if I get approved without having to go through an appeals process!

  2. Yay for somewhere nice to live! 🙂 Glad you got into where you wanted.

    I was also looking for a 1 bedroom when we were looking last year because it was cheaper but having 2 bedrooms is nice. My BF can put all his computer equipment in there and it is not out in the main living space!

    • We don’t have enough furniture to fill all this space. We’re still couchless, no dining table, our desks are plastic folding tables. We were going to use the second bedroom as a guest room but we don’t have a second bed yet. I like the idea of my husband having a computer equipment room! Close the door and I won’t have to look at his mess! HAHA!

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