Will You Be My Home?

I found an apartment complex that I absolutely love!


  • It’s 2-3 miles closer to base than the apartment complex we had recommendations for.  (Big whoop, but it’s still a pro)
  • Water is included with rent
  • Has the cheapest pet deposit/fees around here ($250 non-refundable, $30 pet rent for two cats).  Most places want $400 nonrefundable plus $20-30 pet rent per pet!
  • Spacious, with a walk-in closet (no more using the hangy things!)
  • Has a doorbell (I’m hard of hearing and often miss when people knock lightly at the door)
  • Has an alarm system
  • Curbside trash pickup twice a week – the apartment complex picks it up and takes it to the dumpster
  • Updated appliances at least in the available unit I saw (recommended apartment had old appliances)
  • 24 hour fitness center
  • 24 hour sauna ❤
  • 24 hour jacuzzi
  • Swimming pool, tennis courts, putting green!
  • After hours controlled community access
  • Very nice neighborhood
  • Lots of positive reviews online
  • Has a dishwasher
  • Carpeted
  • 2 reserved parking spots
  • Flexible lease periods


  • We have to rent a washer/dryer for $50 a month (no community laundry facility, would have to go to laundromat)
  • The price – Depending on which unit we get, before the $50 washer/dryer and pet rent, rent is $955 or $1005
  • Like all the other apartments, I have to lie about having 3 cats

I’m posting this (for my own personal use) to justify why it’s ok to spend more on a nice apartment.

We get $1428 basic allowance for housing in this area.  Yes, it’d be nice to have extra money to put towards other things but we’d still be able to afford this apartment.

We’ve done cheap.  $725 for a dump doesn’t work.  $800-$900 is affordable but we wind up in shady areas.

My sanity needs a good, clean, place in a safe neighborhood.

A messy environment stifles productivity.  Majorly for me.  Mess causes stress.  I need to get rid of both those things!

My husband made it clear that he doesn’t care where we live.  He said he could live in a hole as long as he had internet.  So it’s pretty much up to me where we go.  I love this apartment complex.  It is a place that I feel like I could call home.

As I’m writing this, the guy who lived here before me just came by to pick up some of his mail that still gets delivered here.  He told me he’s moving into the apartment above us in May.  Considering he left A LOT of his stuff and gave us an expensive security camera system that we planned on taking with us, it is just extremely weird.  Hopefully we’ll be out before May!


To further justify wanting a more expensive apartment…

Estimated monthly rental expenses at this apartment that I love:  $1170

  • $955 rent
  • $50 washer/dryer rental (water included in rent)
  • $30 pet rent
  • $100 electric (estimated)
  • $35 for internet

Estimated monthly rental expenses at apartment with recommendations: $1096

  • $841 rent
  • $40 pet rent
  • $30 to wash/dry clothes (estimated)
  • $50 water bill (estimated)
  • $100 electric bill (estimated)
  • $35 for internet

That’s a difference of only $74 a month.  It’s not that much more expensive.  I can live with that.


9 thoughts on “Will You Be My Home?

  1. Definitely go for the slightly more expensive apartment, it sounds really nice! Hopefully you are able to move into it soon. 🙂

    Rent is so expensive where I’m currently living. My BF and I pay $1885 CDN! The only thing that is separate is power and we’ve paid anywhere from $165 to $245 per month depending on the time of year (this is a little high as my BF has a lot of computer equipment and insisted we needed a second fridge; also during the winter the car needs to be plugged in). Our internet is $126 per month. We also save about $20.50 per month for tenant insurance. The apartment is alright, but all the appliances and finishings are very cheap. I didn’t expect top of the line or anything but for $1885 some level of quality would be nice. We are trying to look for something new for when our lease expires on July 1st, but there is not much choice and moving sucks!

    • Thanks for commenting! I’m glad you agree 😀 And yikes! It’s expensive where you are! Is that just a one bedroom? Is it difficult to charge a car at an apartment complex? I still don’t know many people that have electric cars or hybrids. Moving does suck! I’m not looking forward to that again! Good luck in your hunt!

      • It is expensive, if you want to be under $1000 you’re just renting a room in a house. It’s a two bed / two bath. I don’t have a hybrid/electric car, it’s just so cold during the winter that you have to plug your car in.

  2. Yeah, it’s called a block heater. Had to get it installed in my car before I moved here. We haven’t plugged it in for about a week, as it’s warming up, but it’s a definite must have when really cold!

  3. For sure, take the more expensive apartment. Your decision will be the right one. As a pet owner from way back and having rented often I am worried by the three cat situation. This is living very riskily. One ugly neighbor who sees more than two in the window and you would be out, having broken the terms of your lease. Maybe you need to find a home for one of them, with family perhaps? Also you cannot invite neighbors in without extreme care and having to watch your conversation.

    Rents are all around $1,000 where we live except for loads of really scuzzy student housing

    Sorry to sound dubious and I do wish you all the very best of luck.

    • I don’t like lying about it but I’m not giving up any of my cats until death takes them from me. They are part of my family, my furbabies. I don’t think 3 cats in the window will be an issue. My older cat doesn’t go near the younger two and the younger ones hide from strangers. They go running for their hiding spots in the back of closets and in cupboards as soon as someone knocks on the door. It is a risk but I’m also not willing to give up my kitties. We’ll only be in this area for another year or so. It’s a risk I’m willing to take. We’ve tried the private owners who allow 3 cats route and they’ve proven to be slummy.

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