The check did come in the mail today!  It’s for $650…$100 less than what it should have been for.  I sent him an email at 4pm Thursday inquiring about the check.  His envelope is postmarked Thursday PM, which means he probably saw my email and then sent out the letter, which is why it did not arrive until today…and, of course, he couldn’t miss the opportunity to send a rude reply.  He lives 2 miles away so if he had sent it out earlier in the day, it would be here the same day.  I got one month of free Netflix DVDs and the nearest distribution center is 90+ miles away and it took 15 hours or less for the DVDs to be delivered.  Boy, I bet he thinks he’s sly.

If we took him to court we could probably get more than the $750 he owes us but at this point, I’m willing to settle and move on.  This check will kill two birds with one stone.  We can cash it and be done with asshat, never have to speak to him again.  And we can turn in a 30 day notice, get a new apartment and move out of this craphole.  Such relief!

It’s a good thing I walked to the grocery store today because I noticed signs posted on the telephone poles on my street.  NO STOPPING 7am-2pm Saturday Police Enforced Towing.  There’s a bunch of port-o-potty’s in the parking lot next to the shopping center.  Did a search when I got home and found out that there’s a St. Patrick’s Day parade that goes down my street, neato!  I will sit on my dingy porch and watch the parade tomorrow.  I called the police department to ask about parking on the street and he suggested I move my car just to be safe.  It’s too bad the damn neighbors don’t share the long driveway that could fit all of our cars.  I’m on the look-out now for them to leave this evening so I can pull all the way to the back of the driveway so no one gets towed.  Otherwise I’ll have to wake up early and go park somewhere else.

And so this serves as my Happy St. Patrick’s Day post for the weekend.  Drink! (Crap, I should have saved the sparkling grape juice for St. Patty’s Day…I don’t drink)  Be merry!  Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Relief

  1. If it were me, I think I wouldn’t be able to let it go. I’d want to take it as far as possible to ruin him.

    Then again, I’m one of those revenge-y types.

    • If we didn’t need the money to move out of my current dump of an apartment, then I would go after him. But I just want to move out, into a functioning, sanitary place in a safer neighborhood sooner rather than later. Who knows how long the court process would take.

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