3 Months In

Yesterday was my 3 month bloggiversary.  I missed a celebratory post due to lack of sleep and anxiety.  I took some ZzzQuil Monday night but it did not help me fall asleep. Once I finally zonked out after 1am, it helped me stay asleep…until about noon on Tuesday!  Ever since then my sleep schedule has been messed up.  Add anxiety to that and despite being really tired, I just can’t fall asleep.

I still have not received a check in the mail.  Every day the anticipation and the anxiety increases at just the thought of checking my mail.  I nearly had a panic attack yesterday just thinking about sending asshat an email inquiring about the check he said would be in the mail last week…knowing that I could anticipate another rude response…

“You need to find someone else to bother.

You have a check in the mail. You seem to have a sharp memory for what otherpeople say. You and your husband fail to remember anything you say.

I’ll cancel payment on the check if you like. Then you can go down to 811 City hall Ave and file a court action and get nothing.

I don’t have time to waste.”

I have never once said anything negative or insulting to him.  My emails are short and to the point.  I’m honestly disappointed he didn’t give me the address to Navy legal…it’s looking like that is where this will take us.  Le sigh.  So continues the anxiety about what the check is actually for and when the hell it’s going to get here.  He lives 2 miles away so it should arrive the day he mails it out…


I originally started with $102,645 of debt.

  • StudentLoan#1: $7,160 – Current balance: $6,669 (down $491)
  • CreditCard#1: $4,650 – Current balance: $3,658 (down $992)
  • CreditCard#2: $1,470 – Current balance: $1,186 (down $284)
  • StudentLoan#2: $11,200 – Current balance: $11,061 (down $139)
  • StudentLoan#3: $18,240 – Current balance: $17,999 (down $241)
  • StudentLoan#4NoCosigner: $4,025 – Current balance: $3,965 (down $60)
  • FedLoans: $55,900 – Current balance: $56,294 (up $394)

I have paid off $1,813 (1.77%) since I started three months ago (interest has eaten about $1,500) and I have $100,832 to go!


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