Big Fat Headache

I had a dental cleaning today.  I always get a big fat headache afterwards.  I have limited jaw mobility and am always straining to try to open my jaw as wide as possible.  Getting dental work done, even just a cleaning, is tough when you can only open your mouth about a centimeter but are constantly trying to open wider to avoid utensils being shoved down your throat or gouged into your cheek to get at the teeth in the back.  Or the a-hole dentist forgets that I have limited mobility every time and tries to yank my jaw open when checking out my teeth before I leave.  I’m finally getting a referral for an oral surgeon so maybe I won’t have to go back to see him.  Twice I’ve had fillings done (one was a partial) and he didn’t use anything to numb it.  I really like the lady who cleans my teeth though.

When I came home the neighbor from next door was sitting on the stairs, crying.  Her door was ajar.  I went inside and almost instantly the arguing started.  She was screaming at some guy with grillz who was using my car to keep a distance between them.  I was really unsure if I should stay inside, call the cops, or go somewhere to take my car out of their argument.  I opted to stay inside and not five minutes later it ended with grillz guy walking away and her yelling, “GO BACK TO JAIL!” ten times (sans the profanity).

There are so many updated and nice-looking homes in this area.  Never judge a book by its cover, folks!  The insides might be falling apart like it is here and the neighborhood is definitely not the safest.  I can’t wait to get out of here!

I sent douchebag confirmation of utility payments today so he better get us our money back, PRONTO!  Last time I talked to him he said he was waiting for utility bills that would come out of our money we paid him to not live there.  We need that $750 to move out of here.  Hopefully with the recommendations we got at the new place, it will be nice, problem-free and actually feel like home!


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