Apartment Hunting

My husband is home!  It’s nice to have him back!  While he was on his underway, he got apartment recommendations from people on his ship.  Three people live in the same complex and all gave positive reviews so we went and visited this place yesterday.  It has its pros and cons.


  • It’s clean!
  • It’s Carpeted (I’m so sick of hardwood flooring, my younger cats dump their food dishes out and swat their food around like toys!)
  • In a nice area (we were there after dark and it seemed safe)
  • Decent size (about 850 sq. ft.) for the price ($751 with RPP)
  • Off-street parking (lot parking, I have to park on the street here because upstairs tenants don’t share the long driveway…my car was egged a couple nights ago!)
  • Walk in closet! (Usually have to set up a hangy thing because we haven’t had enough closet space in the two places we’ve lived in out here)
  • Ceiling fan with overhead lighting (we don’t own enough lamps)


  • It’s over 15 miles away from base
  • No washer/dryer in-unit
  • Share 1 washer/dryer with 7 other units
  • $1.75 to wash, $1.75 to dry ($3.50 per load)
  • No dishwasher
  • We have to lie about having three cats, only two are allowed
  • $20 pet rent per pet each month ($40 every month)
  • $350 pet deposit, $250 non-refundable.  (They’re really cashing in on pet fees!)
  • Only 12 month lease term available

So the two main issues I have with this place is the washer/dryer and the pet fees.  Pet rent really pisses me off, it’s ridiculous.  A pet deposit should be enough!  I really want an in-unit washer/dryer.  It’s nice to throw a sweater or a blanket into the dryer to warm it up…very convenient when you’re always freezing.  And $3.50 per load, that’s expensive!  It’s in the same building so I wouldn’t have to walk outside like at our last apartment and as long as the dryer works I guess it’s kind of a step up from the current unit, which takes 200-300 minutes of drying time to actually dry our clothes!  I suppose I could always hit up a laundry mat and hubby could wash his clothes on the ship when he has duty and during his underways.  Hopefully hubby would realize he could carpool to work with the other people from his ship who live there…and hopefully they’re willing to as well.  He’ll be gone on a lot of underways this year anyway so hopefully it won’t cost us too much more in gas money.

I think going with recommendations is the way to go.  I’ve looked at some other places out in Virginia Beach with washer/dryer in-units but they’re more expensive, around $1000.  They only had two one bedroom units available between now and mid/end of April so we have to act fast.  We have to sign up for RPP at the housing office on base.  Unfortunately they’re only open during the week and until 4:30pm.  If the hubby gets off work early enough tomorrow we could go there after and get everything set up.  He’s leaving for another short (up to a week) underway on Tuesday.  I don’t have power of attorney so the application process will have to wait until he returns.

We probably won’t have enough money to move until jerkface returns our money.  I emailed him our updated address a couple weeks ago and he said he was waiting on water and electric bills that he would pay and take out of our money.  I paid the electric bill for over there a few weeks ago and I already received our first water bill for this place, so he should have gotten the bill by now.  I’m going to call water tomorrow and find out if there’s still an outstanding balance and if I can pay it so he’ll return our money.  It’s been about 45 days, and he legally has 45 days to have it returned.

We have to give a 30 day notice to move out of this place.  I’m contemplating writing up a notice to give with March rent (landlord will pick up when he takes out the trash on Tues/Wed) with our intent to vacate on April 30th. I don’t want to jump the gun though, we need to make sure we secure a place first…but then I also don’t want to have to wait until it’s too late and end up having to stay in this dump longer than we need to and/or having to pay rent in two places.

Hopefully everything will work out!


7 thoughts on “Apartment Hunting

    • Completely agree! We just got the RPP paperwork filled out so if things go wrong, we can go to Navy Legal. Not dealing with anymore independent slumlords who don’t work through RPP again, that’s for sure! I can’t wait to be somewhere clean and safe again!

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  3. It’s not easy to go apartment hunting. I suggest to give it time, but if you’re in a hurry then make sure you have several options to choose from. It’s not enough that you’ve already talked to your potential landlord. Until such time that you signed the lease, the rental is not yours to own so keep looking!

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