A Few Words For February

Yep, February sucked.

I was reaching a breaking point this morning.  I needed to relax and get out.  Since the hubby got paid, I had planned on getting my hair cut but then a friend mentioned planning a spa day for herself…so I went on a hunt for a facial to relax and hopefully help with the recent breakout.

The only place I could find an opening was at the NEX mall salon and spa.  Hair cut was $25, facial was $70.  Call me stingy, but I did not tip.  $25 for fricken hair cut.  I have about as much hair on my entire head as most women have just in their bangs!  It seriously took 5 minutes for her to wash my hair and clip it. By the time she was done my sparse hair was already dry so add 5 seconds of blow drying.  Not worth $25 in my opinion.  I only tip for getting my haircut if they give me some kind of discount for not having very much hair.  And I didn’t tip for the facial because 1) the lady dripped some stuff in the corner of my eye and even though it was closed, it got in there when she tried to wipe it off and my eye was watering all day and 2) I’d never been there before and most places either ask if you want to tip or leave a place open on the receipt.  I wasn’t about to ask for cash back and go chase down the lady.

I spent three hours searching for a new place to live today.  I really hate this area.  Everything close to base is cheap, run-down, or in a bad neighborhood.  Anything nice/safe is too expensive and really far from base. I can’t seem to find a happy medium.  It’s frustrating.  Though the facial was relaxing today, I’m still stressed to the max after feeling like I completely wasted three hours.

My husband did say he would have a bunch of underways this year so maybe he would be ok with spending a little more on something a little further from base, knowing it won’t be a craphole and it would be safer?  If he’s going to leave the choice entirely up to me this time, he’s going to have to deal with it.  I really don’t like the idea of having to spend more on rent but I really can’t handle a whole year of living in crappy apartments that don’t function properly.  Hubby has a 6+ month deployment coming up in 2014 and I’ll probably move somewhere close to a friend or family for the time he is gone.  No way I’m staying in this area all alone!  Can we fast forward a year just so I don’t have to deal with finding a new place and then physically moving all our crap, AGAIN?

Hopefully March will be a little better.  My husband will finally  be back (I avoid saying home because this place doesn’t feel like home) on Saturday.  I can’t wait!

  • StudentLoan#1: $6,711 (down $449)  I’ve been putting a lot of extra money towards this loan (my smallest private loan with a co-signer).  According to Sallie Mae, I’m 7 months ahead on payments and don’t technically owe again until September!  I love seeing how many months ahead I am!  Can’t wait to get this one completely paid off so I can snowball the other ones!
  • CreditCard#1: $3,958 (down $692)
  • CreditCard#2: $1,268  (down $202)
  • StudentLoan#2: $11,040 (down $160)
  • StudentLoan#3: $17,958 (down $282)
  • StudentLoan#4NoCosigner: $4,025 (down $64)
  • FedLoans: $56,229 (up $329)

Original Debt (beginning mid December 2012): $102,645

Current Debt (2.5 months later): $101,189

I’ve made a $1456 dent in my debt so far!  That’s 1.42% of my goal.  There’s still a long road ahead but I’m making progress!


3 thoughts on “A Few Words For February

  1. Yes, you ARE making progress. Every dollar off the total is a success and don’t ever forget it. It is people like you who make me feel proud of us as a country. Stick-to-it- ness is totally American. When I spent a year working in England i back in the 1980s I was amazed at the whining and lack of any incentive for peiople to stand on their own two feet. Our ancestors who had the guts to come here and start new lives have passed down great genes to us. Keep going girl!

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Erika! As always, I appreciate your comments! Working in England for a years sounds like quite an experience! I might get a trip to the UK sometime this year during one of my husband’s underways. I’m crossing my fingers, never been there but it’s always interesting to explore different countries.

  2. I was designing and mounting a museum exhibit It was meant to be 3 months but it kept Expanding–ended up as a much bigger exhibition thst had been planned. My husband and I had horrendous telephone bills as you can imagine. He was able to come over for 2 weeks at Christmas. I was staying with old friends as a paying visitor and luckily ( for me) they needed the money. I had lived in Englsnd for Afew years as a child and it was fun to be back, but give me the USA every time.

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