Summer Vacation Planning

Balloon Toss Trophy

I try to make a yearly trip back to Wisconsin and Upper Michigan to visit my family once a year.  Summer is the perfect time to go.  My niece has the summer off from school and my mom usually throws my cousin a big birthday party that lots of family attend.  It’s a lot of fun and last year was my first year attending.  There’s an annual balloon toss tournament, I painted the trophy rock while I was up last year.  So much yummy food and fun times, I don’t want to miss it again!

I usually don’t start thinking about making plans this early in the year but my high school reunion requires purchasing tickets by the first week of March.  It’d be neat to go to my 10 year reunion but I just don’t think I will be able to.  They are going to a Brewer’s game on July 6th.  It’s about $65 for a ticket which includes the game, a buffet, soft drinks and/or two beers.  If it didn’t require tickets to be purchased so far in advance and wasn’t so close to the 4th, I’d probably go.  Plane tickets around holidays are freakin’ expensive!  Then I’d have to arrange for my own transportation to/from Milwaukee.  I can’t see for squat in the dark so I wouldn’t be able to drive myself because it’s a 5pm game.  It’s just too much planning to do this early in the year and we probably wouldn’t be able to afford it if I did have to plan my trip around the 4th.  I don’t really feel like I’m missing out too much because I’m already connected with a lot of my former classmates through Facebook.
Has Facebook killed your class reunion?

Then my husband is supposed to have an underway around the 4th of July and I may just go vacation wherever his ship is supposed to dock for a few days.  Or maybe that would be a good time to go visit my family?  Last year I was gone for two weeks and returned to a completely trashed apartment.  I’m never letting my husband be home alone for more than a few days without hiring a pet sitter or someone to clean up after him!

The party my mother throws for my cousin usually happens in the middle of July.  I’m thinking about possibly extending my trip to 3 or 4 weeks this year.  Last year I went for two weeks and that did not seem like enough time with all my family!  Not sure yet if I’ll go before the fourth or after.  It’d probably be cheaper to fly up after but I’ll have to look into the cost vs. time of traveling by train or bus this year.  Last year I spent nearly $1200 just to rent a car for two weeks!  I’m not doing that again, for sure!
Are there any travel discount sites you’ve heard of or used before?


2 thoughts on “Summer Vacation Planning

  1. I just got a flight to fly from salt lake city to Milwaukee for $218 for next weekend. Rental car for 3 days is only $100. I use sites such as kayak to find deals. Also tends to have huge sales every so often that I keep an eye on now that I live away from my family and plan to visit them every few weeks. If you ever want help finding good deals you can email me. I always wanted to be a travel agent but it doesn’t pay enough for my lifestyle lol

    • I’d never heard of kayak before, I’ll have to look into it! And thanks, I may take you up on that offer in the future! $218 is not bad at all! I wonder if flights are usually cheaper closer to their departure or if you save more purchasing them months in advance?

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