Last week my husband drained our account and left me with $35 to last for about a week (less than $30 after Netflix is automatically paid).  I went to the grocery store and spent $25.  I needed toilet paper and cat food.  I also got a loaf of bread, some BBQ chicken sloppy joe stuff, chicken strips and lunch meat.

I’ve been following up with a gastroenterologist and I am supposed to start experimenting with diet change to get my stomach and digestive problems under control.  I decided this week to try no dairy, aside from some greek yogurt for active cultures per the GI’s recommendation.  This was extremely difficult for me.  For the past 10+ years I’ve had a cup of Carnation Instant Breakfast Rich Milk Chocolate every morning for breakfast.  Plus, I love cheese and ice cream.  Even trying lactose free versions were out of the budget so I’ve been eating mostly sandwiches all week.  So far, symptoms have remained the same and I’ve rediscovered how much I dislike yogurt.  I’ll finish off the cups I bought, but from now on (after we move and I have a kitchen I feel comfortable in), I’ll have to make daily smoothies using yogurt.

The good news:  So far I don’t think I’m lactose intolerant!

The bad news:  The past few days have been ridiculously tiring and unproductive.

I’m not sure if it’s the carbs or what but digestion has become extremely tiring.  I have jaw issues so I eat very slowly and usually take about 45 minutes to an hour to eat a meal.  The past few days I’ve been finding myself extremely tired after eating.  I can feel my stomach digesting the food quickly, like it’s stealing all my energy. Sometimes the tiredness is so bad, I have to lay down or I feel like completely falling over if I try to move around/get things done.  So I rest or relax for a while and then an hour or two later I feel like I’m starving again.  The cycle repeats itself.  It’s difficult to get anything done.  I just finished eating about 20 minutes ago and I already feel hungry!

I’m not sure if it’s a diet thing, maybe a hormone thing or perhaps due to stress.  There were a few days that I missed my thyroid meds earlier this month.  My skin is generally clear.  Once in a while I’ll get a zit on the tip of my nose or in the center of my forehead but this week they’ve been popping up all over my face. Whatever is causing these problems, I don’t like it!  I know I’m not exactly procrastinating but I feel so lazy and I hate being unproductive.  It’s frustrating.

Any tips for working through tiredness or ways to increase energy?


6 thoughts on “Lethargy

  1. The only thing I can think of is whether or not you’re eating enough calories.

    I had a similar problem with my lack of energy (I woke up in the mornings with nausea that lasted the whole day with vomiting throughout), and it turns out I wasn’t eating enough red meat.

    Once I introduced a steak a week (or so), I stabilized and felt a lot more energetic.

    I’d also try oatmeal to let it release the sugars slowly throughout the day to give you energy.

    • Thanks for the tips. I’ve actually been consuming more calories the past few days because I feel hungry again so soon after eating. I typically struggle to get over 1000 calories but lately I’ve been hovering around 1400 a day! I’m not the biggest fan of red meat…does beef jerky count? 😀 I’ll definitely have to try some oatmeal!

  2. We have a bunch of food sensitivities at our house and my husband is lactose intolerant. The best thing we have done for our problems was to stop eating meat. I still eat dairy but my husband doesn’t. It is a pain sometimes but we have never felt better.

  3. I hate feeling like that too! I felt like that last weekend but had no idea why. My recommendation is just to sleep and wait it out. It’s your body telling you to just relax and let it get healthy and rested. Don’t fret about being unproductive, take time out for yourself for a few days and force yourself to rest.

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