Two Year Anniversary


February 19th was officially mine and my husband’s two year (cotton) wedding anniversary!

He’s at sea and won’t return for another week, so no celebration, yet.  I was expecting to be back from my getaway by the 19th so this post is a little late but this our story, as promised.


My husband and I met through a free online dating website, OkCupid.  For you single folks out there, it is a fun and free dating site where you can take and create quizzes, read peoples’ blogs and manage your profile. I have another friend who found her spouse through that site as well!  At the time I stumbled upon my husband’s profile, I wasn’t actively seeking out relationships and was using the site more for fun and had a lot of friends using it too.

It was some time in January of 2010 when his blog showed up on my home page. It was an interesting blog about blocking people who had low match percentages or blocking people for x, y and z reasons so they would stop showing up in your searches.  I don’t quite remember all the details about the blog as we’ve both deleted our accounts there.  I commented without even looking at his profile.  He replied to my comment.  At the time, he was in California and I was in Illinois.  It just so happened that he was looking for friends around the Great Lakes area because he was joining the Navy and would be going to school in IL after boot camp.  He was wanting to make friends to show him around the area.   We had pretty high compatibility percentages so we began talking.

We continued to talk online and eventually over the phone.  He was my long-distance Valentine in 2010.  In May (I think) he went off to boot camp and we wrote letters back and forth.  He wanted me to be at his graduation ceremony and his father was flying in for it too.  I offered to pick him up from the airport so I actually met my husband’s father before I physically met my future husband!  Sadly, I nor his father got to spend much time with him after the ceremony as the Navy had him marching and moving into new barracks and stuff.

He started school after boot camp and was allowed to have liberty buddies and go off base most weekends. Usually I would chauffeur a car full of sailors to Gurnee Mills or other local malls and we would go out to eat or to the movies.  One day while parked in the vistor’s lot on base, we were having our usual casual conversations before he had to return to his barracks.  I don’t exactly remember what we were talking about but it was mid-conversation when he casually asked if I would marry him.  Without really comprehending what he said, and without any delay, I answered his question with a yes.  He was silent for a few seconds and then smiled and said, “You do realize you just said you would marry me…”  Deftly executed!

We kept the news on the down-low for a while.  We agreed we didn’t need rings and didn’t want an extravagant ceremony, the courthouse would do.  We weren’t sure when but he wanted to make sure it happened before I lost my father’s insurance coverage in June of 2011.  As cheesy as it was, we decided in early February to aim for Valentine’s Day.  Sadly, we missed getting our marriage license on the Friday before V-Day by 5 minutes, because someone decided to leave work early.  We settled for the following weekend and were married on February 19th, 2011.

My mother, father, brother and my niece came to the courthouse with us.  My dress was on sale at Burlington Coat Factory for $25 and the marriage license was about $35.  A $60 wedding!  My mom got us a cake and my father took us out to Red Lobster afterwards to celebrate.  I never liked being the center of attention so I’m completely content with the way we did things.

My husband is my knight in shining armor…or the biggest dork in shining soda cans!  (This photo happened several years before we met, but it definitely would have won my heart then too.)
Without my husband, I would probably still be working part-time minimum wage and barely affording rent and relying on credit cards to get by…or jobless and living at home with one of my parents.   Without him, I’d be without health insurance, something that is imperative for a brain tumor survivor dealing with a lot of after effects.  We may not always see eye to eye when it comes to finances, cleaning or getting things done but he supports me entirely so I have to respect his decisions and will always love him dearly.


6 thoughts on “Two Year Anniversary

  1. I have enjoyed reading this so much– with such a good beginning and first two years you have the makings of a first class relationship. My first marriage was conventional church + plus white dress. I got two lovely children out of it but not much else. Married at 20– too young probably. He died 11 years later.

    My second marriage was 2 years on from here. We beat you on cost– only $10 for the marriage certificate! Justice of the Peace office and only 4 witnesses and my children and a couple more friends. Then we all went for lunch at a favorite restaurant. The owner had always said ” I’ll give you a free meal if you marry “( we’d spent a lot of time there, holding hands across the table! He benched when he saw how many people were with us but he PAID for all of us and threw. In 3 bottles of wine.

    It is 36 years on now and we still are a couple of love bugs = it has been a great 36 years, although problems off and on + Hurricane Floyd which washed us out in 1999.
    So I say good luck to you two, you deserve it.

    Best wishes and take care, Erika W.

  2. Thank you Erika! I love hearing that you’re still together after 36 years! That’s definitely the kind of marriage I strive for! Sorry to hear about your first loss and struggles with Hurricane Flloyd. I can’t imagine go through either of those difficult times. Thanks again for reading and, as always, I appreciate your comments!

  3. I met my current boyfriend on okcupid. I was planning a move from Illinois to Utah and was worried about what the dating life was like in Utah. I had not heard good things up to that pooint. I changed my okcupid profile from illinois to Utah for one day. My boyfriend was the first email I received and the only guy I ever went on a date with here in Utah. We are now happily dating for 6 months and I just bought a house. I can definitely say I am glad okcupid exists! digging-my-way-out

    • That’s great! I love hearing other okcupid and online dating success stories! We have a lot in common…not only with okcupid, but I was in IL too and my name is also Kasey! I’m checking out your blog now. Thanks for commenting!

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