Mini-Vacation, Hiatus Explained

This time last Friday I was waiting around for my landlord to show up to clean the dryer vent.  I had talked to him the day before and he said he would “be there tomorrow to clean the vents.”  I was planning on visiting my best friend for the weekend and was waiting to speak to him in person to show him the condition of the place before I left.  He never came.  I called and left a message and a week has gone by and he has never returned my call.

I managed to find a pet sitter Friday evening and met with her Saturday morning to sign a contract. Afterwards I hit the road, 4-5 hours North.  My best friend was expecting a baby at any time but knowing all the issues I’ve been having with my apartment, I couldn’t pass up a few days away in her exceptionally clean and fully-functioning condo.  I arrived around 2pm on Saturday.  The next morning she was off to the hospital, her water broke!  It’s a good thing I had found a pet sitter at the last minute because my weekend getaway turned into 5 days after she ended up needing a c-section after her THIRD epidural.  It’s situations like hers that make me not want to have a baby.  No needles in my back, please!  I was happy to stay and look after her pets!  So happy for her and her family!

I returned home last night just before dark.  Boy do I wish this wasn’t my home!  Something fell from the hole above the toilet in the bathroom.  Not sure what, but it left a spot, like it hit the top of the tank and then slid down to the seat area.  I don’t know what it was.  Either some liquid that dried, the pet sitter lightly cleaned up, or the cats got to it.  Joy.

On the financial side of life, we have about $35 in our bank account to last a week.  Hubby spent about $1015 when his ship docked down in Florida for a few days.  They gave free tickets to Universal Studios so he had to rent a car, take a group, not let anyone else pay for gas, then be the designated driver for 3 days for a bunch of drunken sailors, again not letting anyone else pay for gas.  He spent $200 on Magic cards alone.  I told him after bills we’d have about $1000 but I think he tuned out the part where I wanted to put some money towards paying off that credit card that isn’t interest-free forever!  Oy vey!

7 thoughts on “Mini-Vacation, Hiatus Explained

  1. On the credit side your husband does sound like a nice guy although he needs to learn how to say “No” maybe. This must be very discouraging but it is difficult with you two being apart.

  2. It is difficult being apart. He’ll be back in a week, I can’t wait! And instead of saying, “No” maybe he needs to learn how to say “OK” when other people offer to buy gas or food. I know he often buys lunch for guys on his ship when he makes a fast food run, but won’t ever let someone buy him lunch without paying them. Nice guy, yes, but won’t take anything for free.

  3. My husband’s very similar. He paid for every meal a friend of ours had while in town despite still being financially wobbly. And, of course, you know about his spending ventures last month from our blog. Ugh, men sometimes, lol.

  4. Oh no! That is NOT cool….I would flip out if I had $35 left and my husband spent all that money. He does sound nice and generous, but there has to be limits especially when you are trying to get out of debt. I hope he gets paid soon! Keep your chin up!

    • He’ll get paid sometime next week. He’s lucky I eat like a bird and can survive for a week on a loaf of bread and some lunch meat and PB & J (not together)! He apologized for doing some crazy spending and once he gets home next week I’ll explain to him just how much we have to scrimp to pay off the card before the interest kicks in. Imagine, if he had just stayed on the ship I could have made a near $1000 payment towards the card!

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