Friday, Friday

So after more than 24 hours with no water (shut off for no good reason), it’s finally been turned back on as of 10:35am ET.  All I got was a lot of apologies that mean nothing to me.  You shouldn’t be allowed to turn off someone’s water because you don’t know how to file paperwork!  It’s been on for two weeks, what makes you think it needed to be turned off in the first place?!

Happy Friday!  Haha!

I was going to drive up to my best friend’s today.  The landlord said he would be out to clean the vents today so I’m waiting on him.  I figured he’d have been here by now.  I can’t drive at night and it’s about a 4 or 5 hour trip.  I see halos and flares and about 3 or 4 shadow images of every single light, even reflections.  It’s very stressful.  So unless he gets here and cleans the vent in 5 minutes, I’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning to head up there.

I’ve made a lot of progress cleaning today.  I removed everything from the bedroom and mopped the floor and cleaned the built up gunk around the baseboards.  The whole purpose was to finally get my bed on the bed frame and off the floor.  As luck would have it, I was missing a leg.  I improvised.

Now if only I could put clean sheets on the bed…I’m waiting for the dryer to work again!


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