Happy Thursday

Yesterday’s Debt and Marriage post was supposed to be my Valentine’s Day post.  I had no plans for posting today as I wanted to get a lot of stuff done.   It’s usually just another day for my husband and I, especially so now that my Valentine is out to sea.

I woke up on this glorious day and was semi-curious what was up when my toilet didn’t run after I flushed it. I managed to get my teeth brushed but the water pressure ran low.  I went to the kitchen to wash the only mug I have unpacked for my daily cup of Carnation Instant Breakfast.  No water.  Went back to the bathroom sink.  No water.  Tried turning the shower on.  No water.  No water?  No water!

I immediately called the city’s municipal building inquiring if my water was somehow turned off.  I was put on hold quite a bit.  The lady said they had no record of my water being turned on.  They needed confirmation from my landlord.  I’ve had water for two weeks.

Two weeks ago I turned in the required copy of my lease and the copy of mine and my husband’s IDs.  They called me immediately saying they needed my landlord’s phone number to confirm my residency.  I gave them the number and they called him and called me back saying my water would be turned on the next day.  My landlord called to let me know too.  Then I had water the next day.  Two weeks later and I don’t have water?

Ugh!  I really hate living in this city.  This is ridiculous.  I guess it’s a good thing my Valentine is out to sea so he doesn’t have to smell my no-shower-today stink.

My husband will be deployed in about a year.  I wasn’t really looking forward to him being out to sea for 6 months but now I’m anxious for that time to come so I can leave this area.  When he is deployed I am going to live closer to family or friends.  No way I’m staying in this stupid city alone.

Happy Valentine’s Day.  Happy Singles Awareness Day.  Happy Thursday to the rest of us!

*UPDATE – I called the municipal building again at 4pm and they said the water will be turned back on today, that the service people are out until 9pm.  It’s now 9:10pm and my water is still not back on.

Whether or not the water is on again when I wake up the morning, I’ve decided to go visit my bestie who lives 4 hours north of here.  She is pregnant and about to pop.  Her official due date is tomorrow!  Hopefully I’ll get to meet her son while I’m visiting!  It will be a short visit as I can’t leave the furbabies alone for very long and it might be too short of notice to hire a pet sitter.


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