Why you should be cautious about higher education in the US.

I can’t wait to see this full-length documentary!  It’s absolutely necessary to educate everyone, young and old, about student loans and stop spreading the kool-aid around that it’s good debt and everyone needs a college education.

No debt is good debt.  

Student loan debt is highly predatory.  There is no risk for lenders when it comes to student loans.  Usury. Highway robbery.  Profiteering, at best.  With new bills like  S. 114 and HR 532 being introduced, hopefully we will soon see bankruptcy dischargeability returned to private student loans, which was stripped for no good reason.  Ditto for federal student loans but we need to start somewhere and since there are no repayment options like Income Based Repayment for private loans, we need bankruptcy restored.  See my video about why returning bankruptcy protections will also help to lower tuition rates.

Join the I am Not a Loan movement and help raise awareness and put a stop to the student debt crisis.


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