Cash-Back Credit Card

Reading Making My Cash-Back Credit Card Work for Me a few days ago made me want to check to see where my rewards balance stood on the only card I have that offers it, the one that is paid off.  I was about $0.25 away from reaching the cash out amount of $25.  For several days I had been eyeing a product online that we could really use in the kitchen.  I decided the reward was worth it and used my credit card to purchase it. Before you roll your eyes, I use my credit cards responsibly now.  It’s good to use cards every now and then to maintain and grow your credit score, so long as you pay it off!  I have every intention of paying off the balance in full before the next payment is due.  Plus I’ll be getting cash back!

So what did I purchase?

Storage Bins

Airtight storage containers!

These babies will keep water and roaches out!  There is foam around the edges of the lids, so if our apartment floods from a hurricane or global warming, whatever is in there will stay dry!  I originally wanted two or three to keep our dry food in and roaches out but they only came in a package of four.  Only one of these will fit on the very top of the small(er than I thought it was) shelf we got for the kitchen.  I figure we can put records, valuables and unused electronics in the other ones, just in case of flooding.

The total cost was $99.99 for 4 (free shipping), just under $25 each. Considering the use we’ll get out of these…I say it’s worth it!  I can buy food again without worrying the roaches will get into it!


I have had Netflix streaming for years.  In college I used my father’s account and had roommates who had their own accounts as well.  After my husband and I got married nearly two years ago, we still used my father’s account but decided to purchase our own streaming account once we uprooted to the East coast.  I haven’t had cable television in probably over 5 years.  Netflix streaming is $8.39 a month.  Considering the amount of shows we watch (I have dual monitors so I always have something playing while I’m at my computer), it’s definitely worth it.  I don’t know if I’ll ever have cable again!  I watch current shows on Hulu for free.  So much free stuff you can watch online!  I like free!

I got a free months worth of unlimited DVDs from Netflix.  You better believe I’m making the most of this freebie!  I have a notepad file “watch list” of movies that I want to see.  Most on my list aren’t offered streaming by Netflix so I queued up my DVD list and checked the local library to see if they had any (again, for free!).  The first DVD I got was The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking.  Don’t judge me.  Watched and already returned.  Next on the list, Ice Age: Continental Drift.  Again, don’t judge me or I’ll sacrifice you to the tribal mini sloths!  I just got the Ice Age movie today, going to watch it tonight and mail it out again tomorrow.  Pippi Longstocking took less than 15 hours to reach the nearest Netflix distributor so as long as I mail out the DVDs by the next day, I should be able to watch at least 8 movies on my list before the month is up, for free!


I have been hearing a lot about Groupon lately.  Do you use it?  I just looked into it today and found a 60 minute massage for $29!  I’m seeing reviews though that they market at you really hard to join some membership after your massage is over with.  Do you still get the Groupon price if you don’t join their membership club/savings?  I’m looking for input from anyone who has used Groupon, especially for spa services.

I also joined BestMark and unofficially became a mystery shopper.  I haven’t done any detective shopping yet as most of the gigs are too far away.  I was looking into TaskRabbit as well and they’re just not in my city yet.  Disappointing.  Hopefully these places expand soon!  I want to make extra money!


In other news, the landlord finally had an appliance company come look at the dryer today.  It’s working fine but he says there must be a clog in the vent/hose that prevents the clothes from drying properly and they don’t do cleaning.  I had the appliance guy call my landlord and leave a message (he never answers his phone) with what needed to be done.  How long will it take to get the vent/hose cleaned?  Having the washer/dryer is one of the main reasons why we moved here!

I hadn’t planned on giving our 30 day notice to move out until after my husband returned from his underway in March, after we had a new place in mind.  Now I’m wondering if I should have it ready when he comes to pick up the March rent check so we can be out of here by the end of March rather than prolonging our stay until the end of April?  Waiting for a response from my husband.  I would rather we had a place secured before we moved so we’re not under time constraints and choose another dump on a whim.

Speaking of my husband and his desire for a laptop and other needless purchases he wants to make next weekend, I’ve decided to try to talk some sense into him.  He can last two weeks without a laptop.  When he gets home from his underway he won’t use it anyway.  He has more underways coming up this year, but none will be longer than a month.  I can understand wanting a laptop for a 6 month deployment, but I think he can survive a couple weeks without one!  His debts and the credit card we used to take a California trip with last year will all be paid off in the summer.  The smart thing to do here is wait until after those debts are paid off, especially considering interest kicks on the credit card in April!  He won’t be deployed for another year or two.  Hopefully he’ll be understanding!



2 thoughts on “Cash-Back Credit Card

  1. I love my cash back credit card. Yes, I also use it responsibly and make sure it gets paid off in time every month. But, I use it even to buy a pack of gum at the convenience store. It adds up so fast and puts a little more cash in my pocket.

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