Time Is Not On My Side

I’m growing wary about meeting my first goal of paying off my US Bank credit card before the interest kicks in come April.  The current balance is at $4258.04

I had planned on saving a lot of money this month in expenses while the husband was on his underway.  I was expecting to make at least a $1000 payment on the credit card.  I got an email from my husband and he wants to know if we have the funds available so he can check into a hotel, rent a car, and purchase a $600 laptop when his ship docks at some port next weekend.  The total would probably be the equivalent of what I wanted to put towards the credit card.  Ho-hum.  I guess I’ll have to crunch some numbers.  We can probably do the laptop but I think he can go without the hotel and rental car.  I can only imagine the tight sleeping quarters my husband has described but he needs to get used to living on the ship for when he has a full 6 month+ deployment.

I have yet to cash the check for our previous apartment’s returned deposit.  I’ll probably set that aside for March rent.  We’re still waiting on $750 from the house guy.  He says he is expecting utility bills that will come out of our deposit.  Unsure of what utility bills he is talking about as water said they’d send me the final bill to this address when I had the water turned on here.  Then the electric bill for the house is $26 due on the 14th.  Is there some kind of landlord/home owner utility bill that I’m not aware of?  Maybe he’s just stalling?

I’ve left voicemail messages for our current landlord numerous times, letting him know that the dryer is not working.  He has yet to return a call.  That’s the most important thing to have fixed here.  I’ll let him know about the other issues but we don’t plan on staying here for very long and frankly I don’t give a damn anymore.  I’ve been spending so many hours each day moving our boxes out of a 4×4 sq. ft area to deep clean the kool-aid stained floors and the scum that’s accumulated at the baseboards, then moving stuff out of the next area and so on and so on.  Not even close to unpacking yet!

I posted these before/after cleaning pictures on FB and hubby commented letting me know that he talked to some people on his ship for apartment recommendations and we’re going to tour some places that his shipmates are happy with once he returns.  At the latest, we’ll be here til the end of April.  This place will probably be the cleanest this landlord has ever seen it by then!  I know it’s a pointless waste of time to clean, but my sanity needs it!















With these unexpected purchases my husband wants to make and the time constraints we have on the credit card, I really need to get cranking on earning some extra income!  After (if) the person who I paid an important bill for pays me back, we’re looking at average monthly payments of just over $1219 thru April if we want to avoid interest.  I’m not so sure we can make it, especially with another move coming up.  We’ll probably end up having it paid off in June or July, unfortunately.


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