55 Days In

Per the husband’s incessant reminding, I purchased $20 worth of Powerball tickets yesterday.  I got excited when I went to Powerball’s website this morning and saw that the winning ticket was purchased by Virginia Lottery.

Alas, we matched NOT. One. Single. Number.  I am never doing this again.  If hubby wants tickets, he’ll have to purchase them himself.  No more lottery for me!  I hate wasting money!


My recent $850 payments towards my debts have been processed.  About $615 went towards the principal.

My total amount paid since December 14, 2012 is $2150.

My federal student loans have grown by $239 so, thanks to interest, my debt has been reduced by $1334.

That’s about 1.3% of my overall debt!  I can be excited about that!

I’m not happy about the interest growing on my federal student loans.  It’s been about 55 days since I started my blog.  I have 4 unsubsidized loans that are gaining interest.  The Government should be covering the interest on my subsidized loans through this year.  That means the 4 unsub loans are growing by $4.35 a day.  I guess that’s better than the $12 a day my 4 private loans grow by!  I need to up the ante to $15 or $16 a day (and then some for 2014 when interest kicks in for sub loans)  just to break even!  My payments are currently zero under IBR and I don’t plan on making any extra payments on the federal loans until the private loans are completely paid off.

Must acquire more money, more luck, or a miracle or two!

*EDIT: I’m excited for a grand total of 55 comments on all my entries on the 55th day in!  Not bad!  Haha, you can laugh considering half of them are replies from me!


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