Making Money

I’m running out of things of my own that I can actually sell.  I’m wondering if people would buy any of the stuff the guy who lived here before me left behind?!  I found another interesting way of making money by buying things from Goodwill or other thrift stores for cheap, turning around and selling them for a profit. It’s something to consider…

I made a large payment on my student loans yesterday thanks to the $500 I won in the College Affordability contest.  I’m just waiting on Sallie Mae to process the payment to update my progress…I can’t wait!

A few weeks back, I won this Pintester t-shirt through a forum contest on that blog.  I guess I should start testing more pins!  Maybe, somehow, I could make some money doing it?


I entered two rafflecopter giveaway contests for $100 and $999.  Come on luck!

My husband insists I purchase $20 worth of Powerball tickets for today’s drawing.  I really don’t want to because I know we won’t win.  I very much dislike gambling and playing the lottery because I’m usually the unluckiest person ever when it comes to random drawings.  I usually don’t win anything unless it’s submitting my own work to be chosen amongst a few.  Where’s the fun in throwing $20 out the window?   How do you feel about playing the lottery and gambling?

I found out that uPromise rewards can only be claimed quarterly.  Kind of disappointed.  I have another $21.88 waiting to be applied to my student loans but have to wait until March.  My eRewards balance is about $72 now and I’m hoping to get to the $120 rewards balance to claim a $50 reward towards my student loans before March.  Bring on the surveys!


10 thoughts on “Making Money

  1. Put up for sale whatever the previous tenant left, it’s crazy how one perdon’s junk is another perdon’s treasure! Can’t hurt to try, especially since you don’t have to put out any of your own money. Keep an eye out for treasures people put out on garbage day, a lot of times people throw things out instead of finding s home for it. I say if you can profit from it, why not?

    I play the lottery when it hits the big time, but never more than one or two tickets, depending on the price. My advice is that you buy one or two, then take the rest of the $20 and save it for something you guys really need, or in your emergency fund.

    I love your Pinterest shirt, you look great in it! Keep entering contests, if you win something you don’t want, you can always Ebate it for a profit.

    Thanks for sharing your struggles and what you’re doing to combat your debt, most people won’t talk about money management. Talking about your burden relieves stress, and makes you available to learn from others.

    Wishing you a financially successful and gull of good health 2013!

    • No need to apologize, I understood what you meant! Haha, sometimes, I love autocorrect. Ebate…is that a typo or the official verb for selling things on Ebay (if it’s not, it should be!)? Unless there’s really site called Ebate that I don’t know about?! I will definitely at least try to sell his stuff. I’d hate to throw it all away so whatever doesn’t sell will probably be Freecycled. And some people do curb some interesting items for trash…I’ll have to scope the area for treasures on trash day! That would make for an interesting blog entry! 🙂 I’ve wanted to make morning walks part of a daily routine anyway! Thanks for the idea!

  2. That’s how I make a few dollars, buying stuff at Goodwill and thrift stores. Have to be careful though, you want to pay as little as possible and you need to research what sells and what doesn’t before you start. I sell mostly clothing, started with my ids clothes and moved to adult and designer labels. Now i sell a lot of yarn and there are some auction sites where craft supplies sell very well. Also be aware shipping costs have gone up, I have been burned recently with not charging enough for shipping…..lesson learned. I highly recommend using flat rate boxes/bags from the USPS, and getting a postal scale for all the small stuff to calculate weight for shipping prices.
    Best of luck, it is one way to work from home, any hours and even in PJ’s! Any questions, feel free to ask :o)

    • Thanks Elizabeth! I probably will have questions once I actually try doing this. I don’t even know where the local thrift stores are around here yet! I bet I could find some gems off of freecycle too!

  3. I’m selling a few items on ebay right now (just clothing and shoes I never wear anymore). I’d never thought about buying stuff at the thrift store then selling it. Sounds like a nice little business if you live near a thrift store where wealthy people donate a lot of brand name stuff.

    • I’ve never tried selling anything besides textbooks on ebay and you have to list those close to the start of new semesters or they don’t sell. I’ve never sold anything else so it’ll be interesting figuring out what people will buy and when! I have craigslist and a local yardsale website I can use if things don’t sell on ebay and I suppose I can always purchase things I want/need and use them if they don’t sell.. 😀

  4. Good for you for thinking outside the box to make money. I know people have won some great things by entering contests online but I never seem to have the time to do it. Its not really an excuse but its the truth LOL.

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