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Much like Debt and the Girl, I have a problem when it comes to dealing with things that I don’t like.  I over-stress in situations where I feel uncomfortable.  Call me bossy or a baby, but I don’t like when things don’t go my way or rather smoothly.  I need to learn to chill out.  Things could be so much worse.  It’s something I’m trying to work on.  I started going to counseling for dealing with stress but it’s been about a month since I’ve been in due to moving issues.

My husband will likely be gone until the end of the month starting today.  I’m not exactly looking forward to so much time alone in the new apartment.  I suppose now is a good a time as ever to get out, volunteer, find a job, explore the gyms on base and maybe meet some new friends.  The less time I’m in this apartment, the better!

We really jumped the gun in signing a lease at this apartment while the previous tenant was still living here.  We didn’t get a chance to thoroughly inspect every nook and cranny.  It really didn’t look so bad with all their stuff hiding the filth and years of never cleaning.  The previous tenant moved most of his belongings out but didn’t bother to clean up his mess.  I called the landlord to let him know and he said he would have it cleaned before we moved in.  This is his vision of clean.

The Bathroom

He swept and lightly cleaned the scum out of the toilet.  No mopping.  The rest of the floor throughout the apartment is newer hardwood and it would look nice if it was mopped.  A lot of the previous tenant’s belongings were left behind for us to dispose of.  And yes, that is a window in the shower!  Upon further inspection of the little nooks and crannies, we found some lovely nasties below.


The tub

Under the Bathroom Sink

Yuck Between Tub and Sink

Under the Kitchen Sink


Lower Kitchen Cabinet

Upper Kitchen Cabinet

This is basically where I go apeshit and kick myself for signing a lease before we could see the place in move-in condition and fully inspect it.  I definitely learned my lesson this January!  NEVER EVER going to sign a lease again until I can see the unit move-in ready and inspect every nook and cranny (must hire movers)!

Basically, the tub needs to be refinished or replaced altogether.  It’d be nice if the tile throughout was replaced too as there is quite a bit of mold.  There are holes in the wall behind the shower head and faucet.  There is also mold on the ceiling and a hole in the ceiling plus one along the baseboards, a perfect hiding spot for our pet roaches…they’re everywhere out here apparently.  We had them when we first moved into our old apartment but after spraying, thoroughly cleaning, and leaving out traps, we’d only have occasional visits from giant roaches.

The cabinets in the bathroom and the kitchen need to be replaced entirely.  They are not even usable.  Very unsanitary.

When we first moved in I was freaking out.  Pissed and stressed at the condition of this place.  Annoyed that we fell for this.  I wanted to move again and not deal with this.  Our lease is month-to-month so we could just find another place.  But then I just don’t want to have to move AGAIN.

I made a list of things I’d like to see fixed with this place, then it wouldn’t be so bad.  I’m going to call the landlord and discuss these issues with him…let him know that if things aren’t remedied, we won’t be staying here for very long.

The Must-Be-Fixed-Or-We’re-Moving-Out List:

  1. Dryer not working – 200 minutes and a load of clothes still wasn’t dry.  Hubby cleaned the lint from the entire dryer last night.  I have yet to try a load again, hopefully it’ll work.  Doesn’t work.
  2. Tub needs refinishing or replacing
  3. Moldy cabinets need replacing in bathroom and kitchen
  4. Patch holes in drywall

The We’d-Probably-Stay-Here-A-Lot-Longer-If-These-Are-Done List

  1. Air Duct Cleaning
  2. Replace vent covers with close-able ones.
  3. Allow us to install motion light outside
  4. Remove and deep clean in/around dishwasher
  5. Replace/upgrade locks (or doors) for front door and balcony entrances.

We had to replace the toilet seat.  It was too small for the bowl and kept shifting whenever I sat on it.  I tried cleaning the tub but the flakes on the bottom just kept coming off.  I said to hell with the tub and cleaned the rest of the bathroom.  Hubby hung a second curtain over the shower window.  Less mold for me to look at!

Before/After Click for Larger View

Before/After Click for Larger View

Now on to the kitchen!  I’ll likely post before/after pics for that as well…sans the dishwasher/dryer since we already cleaned in/around that.


9 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. Remember this is cheaper than the previous one and you prefer the location. The bath tub does need to go. Other than this some could consider you picky. Chsnging locks is your responsibility and so is indepth cleaning I’m afraid. It shouldn’t be but that’s the way of the world.

    However check for active leaks–looks as if there has been quite a bit of water damage.

    New plywood under the sink and in cupboards is a quick repair–I’d say do it.

    Hope I don’t sound pokey. Good luck with every thing.

  2. I’m originally from the Midwest and apartments always came sparkly clean and freshly painted upon move-in. I’m finding out that’s not something that happens here on the East coast. I’ve never seen a lease that said we could do any cosmetic work such as changing locks without written permission…which is why it’s on my secondary list. Pretty much everything on that second list are things we’d be willing to pay for/install on our own with permission but considering some of it may be an upgrade to the apartment, the landlord might be willing to pay for it/give us a discount.

    I am picky and a bit anal about cleanliness and sanitation. Perhaps my photos don’t quite do justice to how bad of condition the cupboards are in but even my husband who can live with trash all around him wouldn’t use the cupboards. Perhaps I just need to suck it up and deal for a few years.

  3. Yes, it is cheaper and we will save money by staying here. It has a washer/dryer in-unit plus a garbage disposal and a dishwasher. You can’t find that combination at other apartments in this area. We want to stay here, which is why we want to make improvements.

  4. I don’t think it is picky when it comes to mold and water damage. I lived in a house where I experienced horrible migraines and my children were sick often. It turned out the shower head was leaking behind the drywall. There was mold inside the walls. We didn’t know until it had grown all the way through until visible. Kasey, I sure hope you are using gloves and a mask to do this cleaning. The small cost is worth your health. If it were me I would move if those things are not replaced. I know. Again.

  5. Piggy backing off what Erika said, about changing locks…When we bought our condo I never thought about changing the locks. That is until one day I was home alone and I heard someone fumbling with my door knob. I almost screamed but was too scared. It was the old owner’s cleaning lady, who plugs the vaccum in (to vaccum the hallways and common spaces in my unit). Nobody told me about this and I had no idea she had a key. Made me think about how many other people had keys to the unit and could “break” right into my condo and steal all my stuff. Hope the owner takes care of all of those issues for you. Gross

    • Yikes! I’m worried about someone breaking in, especially with my husband gone for a month-long underway. The locks on the door are just in the knobs and they are loose, could easily be broken into. I noticed today that our front window in the bedroom was smashed (cleaned up before we moved in) and is missing an outer pane of glass. We thought this was a nicer area, but now it’s looking more like the slums. :/

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