Done Done and on to the Next One

I spent all day yesterday cleaning, loading the car, and taking out trash at our old apartment.  Two flights of stairs for every trip to/from the car and dumpster (over 20) makes for a VERY sore Kasey.  I can barely walk.  The muscles in my legs hurt so badly!  We turned in our keys and we are done with the stinky apartment…

Now on to the messy one…

It seems I can’t catch a break.

When the previous tenant moved out, he didn’t bother cleaning, at all.  I called the landlord and he said he would clean prior to our move-in.  I guess his definition of clean is very different from mine!  I’m waiting for some acetaminophen to kick in and then I need to clean the nasty bathroom.  I will post before/after pictures later.  I am beginning to wonder if this non-cleaning thing upon move-out is a Norfolk/East coast thing.  Considering the amount of cleaning I need to do, I’m definitely not cleaning when I move out!

I looked underneath the kitchen cabinets and in the drawers for the first time…eww!  The previous tenant left a lot of stuff and there is so much moisture in there from the pipes for the washer/dryer, sink, garbage disposal and dishwasher that I do not feel comfortable putting my utensils and food in them.

The hubby and I will be taking a trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond this weekend to pick up a new shelving unit to house our kitchen supplies, bath mats, new toilet seat, something to hang our towels on, and probably a lot of other stuff.

Hubby’s underway was delayed until next week due to the insane winds we’ve been having lately.  I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with this place all on my own.  So many boxes.  So much cleaning!


5 thoughts on “Done Done and on to the Next One

  1. I realize I don’t know where you live but when we moved from Oregon to Delaware 20 years ago we noticed a lot of differences. When our car was checked out or repaired it always came back spit-clean and vacuumed. Out East–forget it. Rental houses (twice) were cleaned within an inch of their lives. Out East here = not so and after we submitted lists of repairs needed and dirt found we had to nag, nag, nag. As for getting back deposits, well, I told you we had to go to court here–this was 13 years ago.

    However, 20 years on friends say this has improved, probably because people need paying more urgently and are so much more cooperative. 20 years ago it was “Take it or leave it”

  2. Gross. It always amazes me the condition that people leave their apartments in. Makes you wonder if it was that bad when you moved in, how bad was it while the person was living there, right?

  3. I almost feel like this place has never been cleaned regularly. And it didn’t look so bad with all the previous tenants belongings in place…but now that I see what it’s like underneath everything that was here…it’s gross. Everything is so old and after cleaning for hours, it still looks like crap. I think I may have to start going to the gym just to shower. I really can’t see us living here for very long.

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