Busy Day

Tomorrow will be a busy busy day!

I have a two hour long balance test in the morning.  I’ve been experiencing dizziness and balance problems since our trip to California in September.  I went to my otolaryngologist (Ear, Nose, Throat specialist) and she found some kind of growth in my ear.  I had an xray done but didn’t get clear results about what is actually growing in my ear.  Not sure that this balance test will help figure out what is wrong with me, but it will probably be one of the most interesting tests I’ve ever undergone!

Afterwards I plan on moving to the new apartment!  Hopefully my husband will return from his underway tomorrow as planned as I’ve already scheduled to get the moving truck by 4:30pm.  I’ll only have his help to move on Tuesday evening, so he better come back as planned!  If he doesn’t come back tomorrow I’ll have to try to find some people to help me move the heavy stuff and to drive the moving truck (I am too short to reach the pedals).  Sadly, I only have two FB acquaintances in this area, and don’t actual know a single person aside from my husband.  Hopefully things work out!

It’s unfortunate that hubby has duty on Wednesday.  I’ll see him tomorrow while we’re moving but then he won’t be home again until Thursday after work and then he leaves Friday morning and will be gone for a whole month.

I picked up the keys to the new place yesterday and unfortunately the previous tenant just moved his stuff out and didn’t bother cleaning at all.  The landlord is supposed to have it cleaned up Tuesday morning.  The internet and electric will be hooked up there tomorrow as well.

I ran into some issues getting the water turned on at the new apartment.  Apparently I need to go to the city building with a copy of my lease and both mine and my husband’s photo ID.  I didn’t have to do this to get the water turned on at the house we didn’t end up living in.  Not sure why it’s different with this apartment but hopefully I can get that sorted out tomorrow as well.

And if you’re wondering, this will be the THIRD time we’ve rented a moving truck in the past month!  Nearly $95 wasted on two unnecessary moves plus at least one $15 service/start-up fee for utilities.

Still waiting on the return money from that previous “landlord.”  I’ve been having issues with mail lately though.  Some of my mail addressed to my current apartment had yellow stickers saying “UNABLE TO FORWARD/FOR REVIEW” despite me not yet filling out a change of address form.  My mother sent me my Grandfather’s obituary and it was returned to her saying it was unable to forward.  Where are they trying to forward this stuff?  I was wanting to avoid having to give my new address to that jerk at the house, but I guess I’ll have to if we want to see our money!


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