$12 A Day

I’ve been following a number of get-out-of-debt blogs since I started my own.  I added a list to the right-hand panel, feel free to check some of them out!  A lot of them seem to be trying no-spend days.  Others limit their daily spending to $12 a day.

It’s quite easy for me to have no spend days with basically zero income.  I don’t like spending my husband’s earnings so what I buy with his money is food, gas, and other necessities.  I don’t get out of the apartment much (something I do hope to remedy) especially since my husband and I share one vehicle.  *Knock on wood that thing lasts for a couple more years!

After I get settled down from the move, I really need to crank up the job searching again.  Must find a job by the end of February to stay on track with my goals!

My private student loans gain about $12 in interest each day!  I need to be making $12 a day just to stay on top of my debt!  I don’t care if it’s from surveys or collecting change from the ground, $12 a day in income is one of my new goals.  I’d love if it was a lot more than that though!

So far today I’ve earned about $7 from surveys.  I better do some more!

Do you have student loans?  Do you know how much your loans gain in interest each day?

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