Moving On

We signed a new lease today!  The previous tenant is mostly moved out and he’s leaving us a lot of stuff he no longer needs, including his security system (cameras and tvs).  I should be able to start moving things in by the weekend.  I’m excited but at the same time kind of nervous that my husband won’t be around.  He is scheduled to depart for a week-long underway tomorrow.  He should be back for a day or two at the end of the month to help me move the big stuff but then he’ll be gone for a whole month.

Our previous “landlord” has pretty much until the end of February to return the money we gave him to NOT live in his unfinished house.  I’m really hoping he will return it sooner rather than later as most of the $750 will be put towards paying off my credit card.  I am prepared to take this situation to Navy Legal if he does not return our money within 45 days.

We drove around the area of the new apartment.  It seems nice, more upscale than some of the neighborhoods around here.  We visited Farm Fresh for the first time today, as it will be the grocery store we will live directly behind soon.  Farm Fresh’s deli is nice and their salad bar is HUGE!  Their fruit looks so much nicer than Kroger’s.  There is a Farm Fresh located right across the street from the Kroger we go to regularly.  I wish I would have known it was awesome over the past 1.5 years we’ve been here!

I can’t wait to get settled in and organized at the new place.  I feel like I can’t get anything else done until this move is finished.


Forming new habits, especially taking new prescriptions, has always been an issue for me.  It took me years before I regularly took my thyroid and estrogen prescriptions.  I had an endoscopy a few days ago and have been given new medication.  One is prescription strength Prilosec and the other is carafate, a liquid medication to treat the excess bile I have in my stomach.  I am supposed to take the liquid twice a day but it has to be on an empty stomach and two hours before or after taking my synthroid as it can interfere with absorption.  I also can not eat one hour before or after taking it (it recommends two hours but I think my stomach digests pretty quickly).  Synthroid is also something I’m supposed to take on an empty stomach.  On top of all four of my prescriptions, I am supposed to take probiotics and fiber supplements.  So far it’s been tough figuring out when to take what.  Do probiotics interfere with birth control (estrogen)?  Does Prilosec interfere with the absorption of fiber, probiotics or birth control?  Then there’s the issue of me eating very slowly and not eating a whole lot in one sitting.  I usually end up snacking/eating every two hours.

I was given one small bottle of carafate and one larger bottle.  I’m hoping that I will not have to continue to take that medication once the bottles run out.  Otherwise, I figure my best option for taking everything is forming a new habit of sticking to a routine.

  • If I take synthroid immediately after waking up I could hold off on breakfast until after taking a 15-30 minute walk and showering.
  • I should eat a large breakfast with a fiber supplement.
  • I should allow two hours to pass without eating, then take first dose of carafate.
  • Allow for an hour to pass then prepare lunch.
  • Take probiotics and birth control pills prior to eating lunch.
  • Take prilosec prior to dinner with a second dose of fiber supplements.
  • I should probably not eat or drink anything after 7pm (if I want to go to sleep before 10pm and wake up by 6am).
  • Take second dose of carafate just before bed.

2 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. Yes,yes! Make a routine! I have to take 8 medications (for a heart attack I had 4 years ago, for chronic trigeminal neuralgia and pain killers for severe arthritis and spinal stenosis) some have to be taken without food and away from meals and some have to be taken with food. At first this drove me crazy but now it is second nature with me. Also, I am relaxed if I miss a pill because I know it is not a disaster.

    Your new apartment sounds so good, much better than the one which turned out to be no go with the dishonest landlord. If the Naval legal service doesn’t work out I strongly suggest the small claims court. This worked for us some years ago when we were flooded out of a rental house (Hurricane Floyd in 1999) and the landlords had the nerve to refuse our deposit saying ” you didn’t leave the house in the condition in which you first found it!” this would have been funny if it wasn’t so awful. the court awarded us double what we were owed–which had been $1,000 rent deposit + $200 pets deposit.

    Some months later we ran into the brother of the house owner–he congratulated us and said he thought his brother and wife had behaved dreadfully.

    So good luck and best wishes for the move; hard work so try not to get stressed,

    Erika W.

    • Thank you, Erika! I do plan on doing whatever I have to do to get all of our money back. I’m pretty sure this guy will return our money, but I’m just expecting there to be some childish insults involved in the process. Some people just shouldn’t be landlords! That’s crazy that your previous landlords wouldn’t return your deposit because of a hurricane!
      I missed a dose of carafate last night and I messed up my whole sleeping schedule the past two days so it’ll be interesting trying to get back into the habit of taking my meds at the right times. It’s been in the 20s here and we’ve been relying on a space heater to warm our apartment. It can’t compete with the cold though so I’ve been spending a lot of time curled up under my heated blanket in bed. It’s lunchtime and I’m just having breakfast!
      As always, thanks for reading and commenting!

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