The $725 apartment I talked about it my last post seems like our best option right now.  It is about the same size as our current apartment but we would lose our unused dining room and gain a second (small) bedroom.  The apartment includes a washer/dryer and also has a dishwasher, which none of the other units offered.  It is the cheapest of all the options.  The current tenant is leaving behind his couch and decorations and possibly other furniture.  The quadraplex faces the back of a grocery store and is within walking distance of many other convenience stores.  A library is just down the street, maybe 500 feet away.  Beach access is less than half a mile away.  It’s very close to the military base.  There is a driveway but it has to be shared with the other tenants.  I’ve been to the unit both at night and during the day and there was ample on-street parking on both sides of the road.  The area is well-lit at night and the current tenant has offered to leave his security camera set up (minus his infrared cameras).  Lots of military people live in the area.

We filled out an application/credit check and we are meeting with the landlord on Monday to probably sign the lease.  The only issue we seem to have is that the current tenant might not move out (despite already moving his things out) if the landlord doesn’t give him his deposit back.  He didn’t give 30 day notice (only 15 day notice) to the landlord and he mentioned the landlord not giving him his deposit back.  He kept going on and on about how we could just fill out a money order to him, instead of paying the landlord $725 for the deposit since he already has his deposit.  We have no plans on giving him any money.  We will give the landlord our security deposit and he can do with it as he pleases.  We know now to get everything in writing!

I need to prepare an “intent to stay” letter this weekend for my husband to sign, just in case things don’t work out with this apartment.  We’ll have to stay in our crappy apartment until March then, when my husband returns from his underway.

I want to feel optimistic about this but waiting is causing me a bit of stress.  I feel like I can’t get anything done until this is all sorted out.  Our apartment is a mess.  Everything that was moved to the house is piled up in our living room.  We had bags of clothes packed and now they’re dumped all over the floor.  Everything is just disorganized and a mess.  Including my thoughts.

I made some payments on my student loans and credit card but my mind is not in the right place to do math right now to update my progress bar.  Once the previous landlord returns our money from the house, I’ll be able to make a large payment on my credit card.  I’ll update my progress bar then.


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