Lady Luck

I recently saw someone post a photo on FB of a heart rate line and it read something like, “Life is a roller coaster, or we’d all be dead.”

Life has been a crazy roller coaster lately!  A few days ago I was at the top, excited about moving.  Then I took a big nose dive downwards as I saw the state of the house we were supposed to move into and learned of the landlord’s horrible attitude while I provided him with help.  Our items are back in our apartment and we are hopefully done with that whole situation (as long as he returns our money).  Things are on an incline as I just learned today that I won the Young Invincible’s College Affordability contest.  The prize is $500 towards a student loan payment!

My luck seems to be taking a turn!

I also won a free t-shirt from a blog I follow, Pintester.  This blog is seriously hilarious, you should check it out!

As far as moving goes, things are still uncertain.  My  husband leaves in one week.  He will be gone until March.  If we go anywhere, we would have to sign papers by Friday.  We have a few options.

  1. Stay put in our current apartment until March, rent will increase by $53.  We would still have a stinky utility closet and be forced to heat the apartment with the space heater, thus I continue to suffer numb hands while freezing my bum off.
  2. Come March, move into a two bedroom unit in the same apartment complex.  No additional deposits required, rent would be $875 with cat rent, no off-street parking and further walk to laundry building.
  3. Move this weekend into Archer’s Green, rent would be $933.50 with cat rent or $983.50 to rent with a washer/dryer.  Updated unit, 800 sq. ft, off-street parking.
  4. Move this weekend into Merrimack landing, rent would be $732, 700 sq. ft, two story, tile floor throughout, neighbors on both sides (reviews of paper-thin walls), no off-street parking, really close to base.
  5. Viewing an apartment close to Merrimack landing this evening.  It looks nice from outside, includes washer/dryer and off-street parking.  $725, not sure how big yet.
  6. Still waiting for a response from a house for rent.

Hopefully things get settled soon because this stress is really taking its toll on me!


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