What a Mess!

I’ve been so stressed out the past few days about the house (see previous entry).  I went over there yesterday to help.  When I got there the landlord was nothing but unpleasant.  He complained when I didn’t know where HIS supplies were and he expected me to read his mind, to know to bring things like scissors or rags over when all he told me to bring was an old toothbrush.  He blamed me for everything that his friends or other help did wrong.  He was a real jerk, degrading everything I did.  He gave me two seconds to do anything and when it wasn’t quick enough, he would snatch whatever was in my hands and do it himself, with one arm in a sling.  He was very impatient, inconsiderate, a complete asshole.  Within the first five minutes of being there he muttered something like, “you should just get out of here.”  I wish I would have just left then.  He left me alone for a few hours and I did a lot of priming.

I am so incredibly sore today from bending and climbing up and down a ladder.  I really wish I would have left before I did all that work yesterday.  Because after experiencing his attitude, there is no way I’m living there.  Even if the house was in a livable condition, I would not feel comfortable living next door to that jackass.  He previously offered to return our money and we could find somewhere else to live.  I emailed him this morning and asked if he would still be willing to do that.  I expected an assholish response, and I got it.  Lots of insults but at least he agreed to refund our money.  Apparently I’m inconsiderate for going over there yesterday and making him stand and walk for nothing.  We also have a 4th grade thought level.  He pretty much blamed the current condition of the house on us, that it would have been finished before his surgery (Jan 9th) if we had been over there to help.  When we signed our draft lease on Dec. 23rd, which is just a proof of payment (it says that on there), he said the house would be ready for a Jan. 1st move in and he knew my husband wouldn’t be able to get over there to help until Dec. 28th.  Yeah, right, it wouldn’t have been done.  It would have been done if he had worked on our bathroom instead of some other bathroom.  It would have been done if he hired professionals.  This guy is an unorganized jerk and I can’t wait to move our stuff back into our apartment and find a new place to live.  I can’t wait to rid ourselves of this whole messy situation.

He basically wanted us to work for him, for free.  No discounts.  I spent hours over there doing work for nothing.  We will spend about $100 on two unnecessary moving truck rentals.

Where do we go from here?
  1. I inquired about another house I saw on padmapper.  $800 for 2 bedrooms.  Waiting for a response.
  2. I posted an ad on craigslist looking for housing and was contacted by a Navy family looking to rent out their apartment near base.  Waiting for response.
  3. Archer’s Green updated apartments, but it would cost about $1050 to rent with our cats and to rent a washer/dryer in unit.
  4. Our current apartment complex.  I’m going to inquire tomorrow about a two bedroom, about $900 with cats, as long as it doesn’t stink like our current one.
  5. Cheapo two story townhouse for about $700, only slightly bigger than our current apartment with washer/dryer in-unit, tile floors on both levels, no off-street parking, but is close to base.

I’m hoping to secure something by this Friday so we can move in over the weekend.  Otherwise it will have to be the following weekend for move-in or I’ll be doing it on my own!  Must remember to have electric and water turned off at the house.  What a pain in the butt to have it on for just a few days.  Really can’t wait to be done with this whole situation!


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