I got an email about the Administrative Technician position.  Didn’t get it, as expected.  Still no word about the library job.  I applied for two more jobs yesterday.  One is for a position at Things Remembered in the NEX mall.  The other was for a cleaning position at a local museum.  I also joined two more survey sites that have cash reward options.  I’m going to re-list a textbook on eBay tomorrow.  I probably should have waited to post it until it was closer to spring semester start.  When do students usually find out what textbooks they need?

If I can get my husband on board to save and scrimp during January, February and March, then we could very well have that credit card paid off before the interest kicks in come April.  My husband consumes a lot of soda and energy drinks and his food of choice while he’s not on the ship is canned beans.  If I could get him to eat more of what I cook (if I cooked more) and drank water instead of sugary drinks we could save some money that could be put towards the credit card.

I created a projection budget allotting estimated prices for utilities, gas, food, insurance and other necessities.  If we stuck to that budget, we could have an extra $3300+ by April.  With my husband going underway for several weeks, I could definitely save a lot on groceries and gas.  I allotted $200 a month for food and $100 on gas.  If he was gone for one month, I could easily get by on about $120 for food/gas combined for a whole month.  I showed him the budget and his reply was a vague, “ok.”   He’s been doing pretty good at keeping expenses down this month knowing we had to save for rent/deposit at the new house we’ll be moving to in January.  Hopefully he can keep it up.  I really don’t want to pay interest on that credit card.

The next few weeks will involve a lot of cleaning, packing and moving.  I really can’t wait to move.  There is this horrible stench that leaks from our vents when the AC or the heat runs.  It’s been worse the past few days.  You can smell it when you walk into our building downstairs.  The apartment complex won’t do anything about it.  I think we’ll have to rely on the space heater until we move.  My husband can’t stand the smell and turns the heat off and opens the windows.  I can’t stand the cold, so the space heater will have to suffice.


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