Merry Christmas

To all those that celebrate, Merry Christmas!  My husband has duty today.  It’s no big deal.  We do not exchange gifts.  We don’t even decorate for the holidays.  It’s never really been a religious holiday for my family and has always basically been about presents.  Very materialistic.  Sure, it is fun to watch my young nieces open their presents on Christmas and I can’t lie, I like receiving gifts myself.  But since moving so far away, it’s hard to get into the spirit.  By February most of their gifts are lost or forgotten anyways.  Both of them are completely spoiled and get way too many gifts.  I’m only going to be giving them hand-made gifts from now on.  They seem to cherish those more and are less likely to go missing.

We signed our lease!  Originally the landlord wanted $900 for rent.  After we viewed the property and talked to him for a long time (him and hubby can be blabbermouths), he offered $850, “military discount.”  When we went to sign the lease on Sunday it said $800 with a $50 rebate for the first four months.  We initially thought the rebate was him reducing the rent from $850 to $800 and that it would go back up to $850 after four months.  Instead, he handed us a $50 bill/rebate!  He probably figures he’ll cut us some slack because he hasn’t gotten the place cleaned up yet and we offered to help.  He has some medical conditions that prevent him from doing a lot of the work and his hired help hasn’t been very reliable.  The previous tenants left a pretty big mess.  They painted over wallpaper with a lime green color so he’s completely stripping the bathroom to get the wallpaper off.  Their dogs peed all over the hardwood floor and he’s going to use one of those buffer machines and get it waxed.  We went there today to help but there wasn’t much to do.  He just wanted us to clean the baseboards and a closet to prepare for painting.  Hopefully we’ll be able to help more once he’s ready to paint.  He’s having surgery in January and won’t be able to do anything for a few weeks.  Hopefully everything will be finished during the first week of January.  That’s when hubby’s holiday leave is and would be the perfect time to move.

Once I find a job, I need to look into reconsolidating my private loans.  During my final year at AI I was approved for a private loan with no cosigner and I want more than anything to get my co-signer released.  My credit is decent and if I have a job, maybe, just maybe I could be approved with no co-signer to reconsolidate.  I wish!

I did some calculating and will hopefully have my credit cards paid off by June or July of 2013.  My US Bank card has a balance of about $4500 and the interest starts up in April.  I have about $400 I’m going to put towards it by the end of the month.  Then I have an additional $300 coming in each month (someone paying me back for helping them).  Utilities will hopefully be low for January and February.  Hubby is going underway for sometime early in 2013.  With him not around, I will save on utilities, food and transportation costs so I could probably put at least $300 towards the bill…possibly more.  I keep forgetting that rent won’t automatically be deducted from his account anymore…possibly could double that $300 for a month or two.  Hopefully I will have a job by the end of January.  It’s possible I’ll have the entire US Bank card balance paid off by April, when the interest starts accruing.  That’s the goal!

Speaking of goals…it’s almost New Years and resolution-making time!  I’m sure I’ll have a large list of goals and resolutions for 2013!  What are some of your goals and resolutions for 2013?


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