Good Luck

My mind was racing last night while trying to sleep.  I remembered that I have a change jar that I can cash in.  I just skimmed through it, taking out some of the quarters, and easily have $15 worth of quarters in there.  I need to deposit that change and put it towards my debt.  I also thought about all the pennies I’ve passed up on the ground.  I should be picking up every spare cent I see.  Yes, it may be a minuscule amount, but it’s better than nothing.

I was also trying to think of what I could offer for services on Fiverr.  What kind of services would people actually pay $5 for?  Do people actually pay $5 for some of the silly services offered?  How likely would someone choose me over the plethora of other people already offering services on that site?  I really can’t think of anything unique to offer.  Write a haiku or some other poem?  Proofread?  That’s about as far as I got and I continued to rack my brain over it, trying to come up with anything else.  I got nothing.

I entered a college affordability video contest to win $500.  Word on the street is that there’s only five entries.  I’m crossing my fingers (but not while I type) that I’ll win!  I wasn’t able to clearly understand everything I said into the voice recorder on my phone.  When I try to enunciate words I know I have problems saying clearly, I end up straining my jaw muscles and it makes me sound worse.   I searched for a free text to speech application or program but didn’t find anything that didn’t sound too computerized.  I opted to use text.  I threw this together this morning.  Not my best work.    I wish I would have uploaded it to youtube before I submitted it, may have fixed it up a bit more.  Oh well!

I often consider myself to be the unluckiest person I know.  I never win anything.  Raffles, lottery tickets, nada.  I’m hoping my luck changes because I entered some other contests.  Sallie Mae is offering one currently.  I want to win!  Come on luck!


3 thoughts on “Good Luck

  1. I love the idea of reintroducing risk into lending: it’s a simple solution that would have myriad benefits. I do somewhat worry about people not having access to education, but perhaps with the hyper-inflated costs it’s not the worst thing in the world for there to be some barriers to entry.

    • I truly believe that reintroducing bankruptcy protections would eventually help lower tuition. When lenders aren’t willing to lend vast amounts to unemployed students, people won’t go if they can’t afford it and colleges will be forced to lower tuition if they want more students. So high school students might not be able to afford it right after graduation but I honestly think that’s great. They can work several jobs, find something they like, and save up money to pay for tuition when it is lowered! 🙂

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