Potential Income

Today I’m working on a video entry for this college affordability contest hosted by Young Invicibles and Student Debt Crisis.  The winner will receive $500.  I would love to put that towards my student loans!  I probably won’t have it done until at least tomorrow.  I have no way of getting my voice onto the computer without my smart phone, which my husband has.  We switched so he could play games on it while he had duty over night.  I was trying to find a text to speech application to use for free because I don’t want to use my voice.  I guess I’ll try it out on my phone and see if what I say is actually understandable.  Maybe I’ll just use text.

I started going through things…things we don’t use and can be given away or sold.  Most of it needs to be given away, and I use my local freecycle group rather than throw stuff out.  Buy my stuff people!

I’m going to try to make a trip out to Wisconsin over the summer if my family would agree to go through their house and storage.  They are kind of pack rats and I still have a lot of old stuff I left there from prior to college.  The attic space is filled with things from my childhood.  It has no use up there and  I would love to have a yard sale to make some money.  I have a bed I gave for my niece to use (I had to buy the mattress/boxspring and frame from old roommies) but it’s been sitting in storage for two years.  It’d be nice to move it to the house we’re moving into out here in VA but the cost to ship it or rent a moving truck is more expensive than buying another set.  It would be nice to sell it at a yard sale if it’s never going to get used.

Thanks to Twitter, I stumbled upon Skorb today.  I’m not sure if it’s legit, but I’m going to look into it.  The guy mentioned it was similar to UPromise but there’s surveys and you get more out of it than the measly 1 or 2% that UPromise gives you.


One thought on “Potential Income

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