A Payment of .39%

I paid $400 today towards my debt and it’s like nothing.  This just goes to show I have a long journey ahead of me.  It’s somewhat disheartening. I’m still doing this though!

I made my Sallie Mae payment today in the amount of $300.  I usually pay that amount twice each month but already did the first portion prior to starting this blog.

I also paid only $100 towards the credit card we used to go to California with.  We’re trying to scrimp for the rest of this month so we will have enough money to put down a deposit and pay the first months rent once we move sometime in January.  Things aren’t finalized yet, but I’m getting excited.  As long as things work out, we’ll be renting a small 3 bedroom home.  It will be empty for a while.  We’re in a one bedroom apartment now and we have no furniture besides our bed, our desks (which are folding tables), and our computer chairs.  We have a bunch of plastic or cheap particle board crap for storage units.  I’m sick of living like we’re in college.  I need to learn how to refurbish furniture so the house won’t be completely empty!  The house is less expensive than most of the 2 bedroom apartments in this area.  We’ll have our own driveway, garage, washer/dryer and no one attached to us on the sides or above or below.  It’ll be nice and I can’t wait!

I’m now $0.09 away from hitting that $60 mark on e-rewards to put $20 towards my loans through UPromise.  Meh, how messed up does that sound?  $20 for $60 worth.  They give out $0.25 or $0.35 for every survey you try to take but don’t meet the specifications for.  One more and I’ll reach that.  To some, these surveys might seem time consuming and not worth it but when you’re jobless, why not?  I do these surveys usually while I’m eating.  I like to sit at my computer and watch tv shows while I eat because I eat really slow so I’m not really wasting any time.  Something you could scarf down in 5 minutes takes me 45 minutes due to jaw immobility.  I also do surveys on Vindale Research.  I made about $1.50 there today, with several more dollars still pending.  You get less for the surveys at this site than e-rewards but they actually pay you through Paypal once you reach $50.  I haven’t been active on this site for as long as I have been with e-rewards so I’m just under $10 there.  Definitely plan on using it more now.

My application for the administrative technician now has a status of “evaluating training and experience.” Yeah, probably not going to happen.  I searched for more jobs today, but didn’t end up applying for any.  Nothing fit me and my skills.

No hits on my DDR game/pads or textbook yet.

Tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities to make some money (however minuscule it may seem)!


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