Odd Jobs

I decided to do a Google search for other blogs I could follow about getting out of debt.  I think I just spent a couple hours reading the No More Harvard Debt blog because it just so happened to be the first result in my search.  This guy payed off over $90,000 in student loans in about 8 months!  It’s rather bittersweet.  I know that’s not something attainable to me.  This guy has a decent job/income, his own home, two cars, a motorcycle and was spending over $1000 a month on entertainment alone.  I’m starting out with $0 income.  I can’t scrimp on that.

My Latest Efforts to Make Some Money

I was going to Freecycle my PS2 DDRMax game and pads, but I figure I’d try to get a couple dollars out of it first.

I’m also trying to sell a textbook on Ebay.  It has a couple views, no watchers yet, but hopefully someone bids/buys.

My job applications have been received.  The library position has “SME” below the received status.  I’m not sure what that means.  The other one does not have that.

Over the past few days I’ve been brainstorming ideas about how I could make some extra income.  Some of the ideas seem absolutely ridiculous, some are doable.

My List of Creative Ways to Make Extra Money
  • Offer business advertisement on my blog (need more followers)
  • Advertise on my car either decal or bumper sticker
  • Advertise on tshirt or other clothing
  • Hand out fliers for businesses?
  • Have a donate button on blog (need more followers)
  • Freelance/Sell Art (illustrations, logos, business card design, websites, advertisements, jewelry, knitting, sewing projects, calligraphy, air brushing, screen prints, tshirt designs, writing, editing, fliers, paintings, etc. -I would have to learn how to do some of these)
  • Personal assistant
  • Virtual assistant
  • Run errands
  • Personal shopper
  • Proofreading?
  • Amazon or Ebay affiliate?
  • Sell stuff on ebay/reseller
  • Learn to fix up furniture to sell
  • Batch processing ebay/craigslist (sell stuff for other people/take pictures/list them)
  • Batch purchase items people are normally embarrassed to buy?  Sell for profit
  • Facepainting
  • Caricatures
  • Odd jobs?
  • Cleaning business?
  • Organizing?
  • Babysitting (I am on Care.com for babysitting, pet sitting and cleaning…just haven’t actively searched for work)
  • Pet sitting/Dog walking
  • Pooper scooper
  • House sitting
  • Sell stock photos
  • Write/illustrate a children’s book
  • Write an autobiography
  • Write an e-book?
  • Fiverr?
  • Participate in more opinions/surveys/focus groups/market research
  • Write reviews
  • Wait tables (not the best idea because I’m hard of hearing but I think I’d make good tips)
  • Bartend?  (hard of hearing, don’t drink…probably not a good idea)
  • Bagger at Commissary (would make good tips…don’t think I could do it in the summer though)
  • Teach a class?  Maybe a dance class at a gym?  Art? (I probably wouldn’t be a good teacher)
  • Tutor?
  • Paper route?  (do people still get papers?)
  • Collect aluminium cans (not sure how much I’d get for that, but there’s several people who dumpster dive here, no recycling at the apartment.  I was bringing trash out today and a guy asked if I had cans.  I had almost a full bag of cans because that’s mostly all that goes into my husband’s trash can.)
  • Stage homes?
  • Rent a room? (we’re moving into a house soon but since our landlord lives next door, I don’t think he’d be for it and I’d only be able to do it while my husband is out to sea as he doesn’t want roommates)
  • Become a sewing guru/seamstress – do alterations/make clothes (I want to make my own!)
  • Deliver food (either as a delivery driver for tips or offer to pick up/deliver people’s food from restaurants that don’t deliver – with just one car to share, probably not happening soon)
  • Taskrabbit (run errands for others)
  • Buy/sell domains?
  • Donate blood or plasma (would need to gain 20 lbs to do this…ankle weights?)
  • Holiday light/decoration hanger/taker downer
  • Mystery shopper
  • Befriend old people? (this is one of those ridiculously desperate ones)
  • Apply for SSI?

I think for now I’ll have to narrow this down to things I can do from home, at least while the hubby is not out to sea or until we can afford to pay cash for a second car.  Transportation to/from any job I do find probably won’t be fun while we share one vehicle.  I would have to wake up to take the husband to work early in the AM, go to work myself, then pick him up again later in the afternoon…he’d be stuck on his ship if I was working when he got done.  If he’d only look into carpooling.  A job on base wouldn’t be so bad.  Commissary baggers only work for tips but I think I could make a lot.  I’m a brain tumor survivor and you can kind of tell something happened to me.  I also look like I’m 12.  I’m nice to people too.  In the past, I’ve had people ask me if I could accept tips (I couldn’t).  I’m desperate, I’ll take their pity cash…but I don’t know if I could help people take their groceries to their cars during the summer.  I’d probably die of heat exhaustion.  More pity pennies? 😡

I often have a hard time finding work.  I know employers aren’t supposed to discriminate, but it happens.  It doesn’t help that I’m hard of hearing and it seems to continually diminish.  I also have some vision problems as well as some speech problems that keep getting worse.  If I have serious troubles finding work after a while of searching, I will consider applying for SSI.  Many of my fellow cancer survivors have received or continue to receive it.  I can work and I want to work!

Do you have any other ideas?  Are there any mundane tasks you’d pay someone to do for you?

5 thoughts on “Odd Jobs

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