What Would You Do?

I’m taking baby steps towards my goals.  I applied for two jobs yesterday.  One is for a library/computer aide position.  I’ve worked at two libraries in the past and somewhat enjoyed the environment.  This would be a perfect fit for me.  It’s part-time, just above minimum wage.  I also applied for an administrative technician position.  That one was a long shot but a lot of the duties mentioned are things I’ve done on a part-time basis in the past or are things that I could easily learn to do.  That one was full time.  I highly doubt I’d be called in for an interview but it was very simple to apply on the Norfolk city job site so I figured I’d give it a try.

I have a long list of creative ways to make some extra money and I’m still brainstorming.  I will post the list once the ideas stop rolling.
Do you have any ideas?  Are there any mundane tasks you’d pay someone to do for you?  A service in your area you wish was offered?

I learned today that someone settled on a current student loan for 40% of what they owe and I’ve heard people settling for less than that.  I always thought you couldn’t settle unless your loans were in default but a student loan lawyer confirmed that some lenders are willing to allow settlements of current loans.  This really got me thinking…

I owe $36,575 for co-signed loans.  30% of $36,575 is $10,972.50.  If I could somehow come up with $10,000-$15,000 I could see if they’d take $10,000 to start.  Of course they wouldn’t, but maybe I could get them to compromise at $15,000 or less.  I wonder though, how long it would take to come up with that kind of money?  I wonder if my co-signer has any money stashed away?  I would pay her, of course, but interest-free.  Or maybe I shouldn’t be putting more than the minimum towards these loans and should instead be saving to offer a settlement once I have saved enough?

I wonder if they’d settle on just one of the loans for now?  The smallest co-signed loan is for $7,160.  30% of that is just under $2,150.  Meh, that’s still a lot of money.  I guess I’ll just wait until I win the lottery to consider going this route!

I joined e-rewards, a survey-taking site, earlier this year and am currently about $0.44 away from making $60.  You’re only allowed to claim rewards through the site, can’t get cash unfortunately.  My current reward is $20 towards UPromise once I reach the $60 mark.  UPromise allows you to register reward cards and credit cards and you get very small savings from certain types of purchases.  You can use the savings to pay off student loan debt or to set aside for a college fund.  I’ve been with UPromise for over 5 years and have only saved about $22 so far, so this $20 reward will be big!


2 thoughts on “What Would You Do?

  1. Glad to see you making progress and inching ever closer to your goals. Not sure of any mundane tasks to earn extra cash though. In the long run, you will persevere. Somehow someway we all will. Happy to leave the first real comment
    Corey G

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